My baby sized dick

Im a grown man with a tiny baby sized dicky. I were pantys. I wish some wives would find out/get together and put me on the spot. embarrass me by taking off my cloths /spanking me and putting me into diapers. being put on a changing table/powered and diapered by them. I would like them too know my secret and have some fun over it.

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  • My wife have commented that a 5 year old has bigger cock than mine. My cock just fits into her palm length only. So she jerks it with two fingers only.

  • I don't have a micropenis but it is very small. It is about 3" hard and often inverted when completely soft. A few years ago I needed a scope done to see if I had kidney issues and when the nurses pulled the cover down to prepare me, they sort of chuckled and looked at each other with an obvious smirk under their masks. My wife was med-surge nurse manager at the same hospital so I had met these girls before and it was a quite a turn on for them to see my little penis. I later asked my wife if they said anything and she said that yes, they said they had seen many, many cocks in their line of work but were amazed to see such a small cock on a grown man. My wife said that she had already told them (and several other nurses) about my cock size because sex and cock size were a frequent topic of conversation among the nurses she worked with. She also admitted that she told them we were in a cuckold relationship and that she had a fuck-buddy with a large cock. She said she was happy to finally have some of them see my little dick because they had a hard time understanding how she could do that to her husband. She said they now understand and openly discuss it. I almost came in my shorts when she said that!

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