Faggot Dana

I was fourteen when four older boys in my school ages 16 and 17 came to my house I was in back yard in club house in spandex swim trunks. When they came out with my sister and other girls. They they seen me and we're laughing at my queer looking swim trunks. The one boy said to the other maybe he wants to suck your cock. The girls were laughing. The boys came in clubhouse and one said to me you want to suck my dick little Faggot. I said no. He said I think you do. He said what do you think girls? They said yes including my sister. She said he does and he should just do it. The boy pushed me to my knees and the other boys had ahold of me. He pulled down his shorts and they held my head. He said open your mouth. I opened my mouth and he stuck his dick in my mouth. Told me to start sucking him. I did what he wanted. I was sucking him and started enjoying it. He told my sister see your brother is a little Faggot. He was really hard. He grabbed my head and started cumming hard in my mouth choking me and telling me to swallow it little faggot. I tried not to but made me swallow. It was good though. When done he pulled out and pulled up his shorts and told my sister not to say anything to parents. Him and the other girls went inside. The other boys stayed and took turns with me. The next boy made me start sucking him. The other two had their shorts down stroking their cock. The oldest boy told the others I think this little faggot really wants it. He grabbed me and push me bent over table. Pull my spandex swim wear down. The other two held me down while he spread my cheeks spit on his cock and started trying to penetrate my very tight ass. It hurt really good. He got it in and starting pounding me hard. Other two let go of me. I was crying at first then it started feeling really good. I was moaning and liking it. My little dick got hard and made me cum fucking my ass. He said told you he wants it Bros. He cum. He fucked me for quite awhile. While he was fucking me the other two jerked off and shot their loads all over my face then the oldest started cumming in my ass hard. The others came out as he was finishing. And watched. When done they all pulled up their shorts and left saying thanks little Faggot. My sister said to me. You enjoyed it didn't you. We know you did. You will give them what they want whenever they come around. They told their friends about me and that's how I became men's pleasure. I really enjoy it. I love cock and cum. Faggot Dana Swick


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  • So they had other girls they could fuck. But they went after you instead. So they are queers and so are you. Now tell us how you where made to wear panties and forced to be a girl.

  • It was Spandex swim trunks. I didn't start wearing thongs and panties til later on.

  • Of course you wore panties later sick fuck.

  • It is such a rush to feel the fabric of a tiny thong sliding between my cheeks as I pull them up, hugging my package so tight. Walking around with a lacy thong under my manly clothes, every step I take I can feel it on my hole reminding me of the secret slut I am

  • Why you on here reading these then?

  • I wish that I had been there with you. I had a similar experience except they didn’t have to hold me down.

  • After this happened. I let boys and guys have me when they wanted.

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