Sometimes you just have cum

Right after our high school graduation a friend of mine took to me to a wooded area and we walked until we came to an opening with a man maid lake.
It was near a college and the kids went there and swam and laid out in the nude.. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there were 19 to 22 yr old girls nude everywhere.

Well I was so interested in this new found watering hole that I went back a few days later by myself, as I was walking around the lake I walked by a group of nude girls and one was facing me with her knees up, when she saw me approach, she spread her legs.. giving me a full view of her pussy and her ass hole... instant erection, and it’s now a problem for me.. I decided to walk back to the car which was park about 500 yards through the woods. Well I only made it about half way and I had to cum, leaning up against a large tree were I unbuckled my jeans and slid my pants down around my ankles. There I was standing outside in the day light with my hand holding my 18 yr old woody, it only took like 5 pumps and I exploded one of the largest batches of cum I’ve ever had...I swear my load shot out like 6 feet from my dick... certain images, thoughts and our location can play a huge part in our organisms...
Sometimes you just have to cum!

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  • Ok I will say it . Fake

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