Me and my sister masturbate in front of eachother

Hi everyone it all started a week ago and I walked into my older sisters bedroom to find her with her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy while watching porn on her laptop.
We were both so shocked and after a few seconds we both burst out laughing.
Please dont tell anyone my sister said.
No I wont I said I promise.
I bet you play with yourself my sister said and I just blushed.
its natural to touch yourself I do it at least once a day she told me. How often do you play with yourself she asked me. I confessed the same. I bet we do it at the same time some days how cool. She said.
Will you show me how you do it and I will let you watch me she said.
She then lifted her skirt back up and started to rub her pussy through her dark blue lace panties.
Wow was all I could say and I got an instant hard on.
Have you ever watched a girl play with herself before she asked me.
No I said only in pornos.
Get your cock out she said to me. So I did and she just said nice/
Let me take my panties off.
Not yet I said I like them.
Ohhh so you like your sisters panties do you.
Yes I said. They look lovely.
OMG she said it is you who has been stealing my dirty panties and jerking off into them.
No not me I said. But I did confess to using them while I jerked off but never cum into them before.
OMG she said again then it must be Terry our stepdad.
What do you do with them she asked.
I went really red and told her I love to sniff her dirty panties while I jerk off and I fantasise that it is a real pussy in my face that I am licking.
OOHHHH how naughty have you ever thought about licking my pussy?
Yes I have a few times I said.
take a closer look she said. I crawled on the floor in front of her open legs and got a great view of my sisters hairy pussy through her sexy panties that I had sniffed numerous times in the past.
I bet you would love to sniff these wouldnt you.
Yes I said I would love to.
They are getting very wet she said. All sticky.
get closer she said and I did and my face was only a few inches from my own sisters hot wet pussy.
I leaned in further and took a deep sniff mmmmmm I said.
OMG she said that is soo horny.
I then pressed my nose right into her pussy and took another sniff of her very wet and aroused pussy. I then licked her crotch and could actually taste my sisters pussy.
mmmmmmmmm mmmmmm yes again she said. She then pulled her panties to the side and told me to lick her cunt for real. I stuck my tongue right inside and her juices poured out.
Then we heard our Mum and Step dad come home and we had to tidy ourselves quickly.
She handed me her very sticky wet panties and told me to go and sniff them and jerk off and then cum into them and then give them back to her straight away.
I will carry on soon.
Happy wanking.


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  • What happened after you gave them back

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