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  • The biggest one I had was when I humped another dick with my dick, we were not hard, we were both soft, and mine grew the largest after I was done humping him.

  • I have only ever been with one guy in my life. I was astonished at how big he was. Mine is 6", not sure how big his is, but he made mine look tiny. I have never had anal sex, but I did stroke and suck him until he was happy. So embarrassing to admit

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    I finally got the nerve to accept the want of a guy who was in his early thirties. I talked with him on my cell phones nightly and came in my underpants during numerous phone calls. I took the bus to his neighborhood and walked the last two blocks to his apartment.
    I'd taken a one hour bath and had on my cutest mint green bikini underpants. Within a few minutes of our introduction I was in my underpants with a massive 9" cock in my mouth. Wondering what was going to happen next as I slurped gulping down his cum. I looked at him and his cock still erect glistening with saliva and cum. He wasted no time removing my boipanties and working his finger that was lubed with some exotic smelling oil he kept nearby between my cheeks and up inside of me. His finger felt large like even though I knew it wasn't I trembled nervously and he began to insert another finger. "Owww, it hurts!" "Just relax and enjoy.."
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  • I've never done anything with a dildo yet but two of my friends have been. Big dicks are kinda okay but I like being with other boys best.

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