My Sex life Renewed By Her Ex-Boyfriend

I always was an open-minded woman that had many sexual connections. My sex life sort of disappeared as I have gotten very old and got involved in church with the help of my now ex best friend. She and I began not to agree or get along with certain situations. She accused me of provoking her ex -boyfriend into sex with me. How I used to tease him with my big blue veined breast cleavage. I admitted I had a crush on him but we never had sex with each other. Even when she and him broke up, I never attempted to get involved with him. I didn't want to lose the good friendship that we always had.
Then one Friday night I decided to go to the dance hall with my daughter Penny. There she pointed out to me sitting at a table was Jon, my former girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. Penny went over to him and invited him to sit with us. He looked at me and followed her over to the table that we were in. I knew he was four years younger but for his age he kept himself fit and no hanging belly on him like other men get when older. I wasn't sure if he will be still interested in me, now that my breasts fallen and my veins in my legs was hidden by the panty hose.
Penny nudged me to ask him to dance, so I did. He held my hand as we walked onto the dance floor and I wrapped my arms around him. "You're what 72 now?" he asked as we danced. I told him I was and he told me he's 68 and still gets it on sexually and pressed it into me. "I wouldn't mind some fun now and then with someone but my body has changed." "I always wanted that body and wanted you to please me." he said. I told him I'm interested in pleasing him as I rubbed my hand across his boner. At the table I kept rubbing that bulge and running my tongue across my lips. I told Penny I was getting dropped home later by Jon. She smiled.
While in the car, heading out to Jon's place, we talked about the crush we had with each other and how Judy use to tell me how much he enjoyed getting head from her. I told him there was many times I wanted to flash my tits at him when Judy wasn't looking. "How about getting them out for me now to look at. Judy didn't have much, just dark nipples." I pulled one out. "WOW! they 're almost like my ex-wife. She wouldn't suck my cock. That's why I stood by Judy because she deep throated me good." Jon reached over and played with the nipple that was at the end of my tit.
We got to his place where he pushed up my top and admired my saggy breast, "Those are fucking hot tits that would be fun to play with!" He dropped his pants and exposed the shaven cock. I went down to give him the best cock sucking job he ever had. He couldn't resist from playing with my tits. He fucked me doggy style so my tits hung down and swung. Later on in the bedroom I rode his cock as he sucked my tits and abused them.
"Your tits are so hot with those blue veins and your cunt taste so good with that greyish-blonde bush around the wrinkled lips that it has."
He and I started to date one another. We even went to the local nudist resort where we met Tom and Ellen and became friends with them.


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