Sex Slave 3

As I have said before, I am a Sex Slave to my husband. It really turns me on when he treats me as his slave. For some reason I really get hot when he treats me as his slave. The other nite he invited a lady he knew from work who is divorced and use to let her ex take pictures of her and post them on the internet. He invited some friends over and had me and the other lady get dressed in some sexy clothes. As the men were sitting around, my husband had me and the other lady come out and do a little dance for his friends. He allowed them to take pictures, which I love, and he had Gail and myself start to make out on the floor. He ordered us to play with each other and to put on a show for his friends. Gail and I were tongue kissing and rubbing our hands over each of our bodies. Gail started to lick my tits which really turned me on, and then she started to go down on me. She started to lick my pussy and as the guys were taking pictures I really got turned on. Gail had me lick her pussy and I went even farther as to start licking her ass with my tongue. This got her moaning and we both went crazy and then my husband had a couple of guys stand in front of us and ordered us to start licking their balls and sucking on their cocks. My husband wanted to know if we were ready to get really nasty and Gail and I said yes. He then had us kneel in front of each guy and open our mouths. He told the guys to go ahead and pee in our mouths and on our faces. He had Gail and I tongue kiss as the two guys kept peeing on our faces and I really got turned on by this. I noticed someone was making a video which I hope he will post on the internet. Gail and I were then ordered to suck off each guy and have them jack off in our mouths and on our faces where we kiss each other and licked the cum off of one anothers face. He had the other guys jack off on us and they would watch as we licked each others face. I could tell Gail really enjoyed what was happening and I sure did. I told my master I wanted more and he said close your eyes and lay on the floor and spread your legs. I layed there waiting and all of a sudden felt this long tongue licking at my pussy and it was driving me crazy. The dog took turns licking Gail and myself and then my husband ordered us to make out with the dog. We did as we were told and I noticed how large and hard the dogs cock was. My husband noticed me looking and told me to go ahead and make the dog happy. Gail and I took turns stroking the dog cock and hoped that the guys were taking pictures. I laid down under the dog and Gail started to stroke his cock and his pre-cum was dripping on my face. After about five minutes of Gail tugging on the dogs cock, the dog came all over my face and my master ordered me to open my mouth and let the dog cum in my mouth. I even sucked on it for awhile after it was done. Gail cleaned my face with her tongue and my master said that we had put on quite a show. We then went to clean up. I can hardly wait until next time and see what my master has in store for me.


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Do you still suck the dog

  • Yes

  • Nice i wish i was there as a one ur friend's of ur husband so u sck my dck also

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