Neighbors from hell story

They now are very remote and rarely look or think about them. I won't give names or locations here. But I wish I could. Today, they have money and power and took over the church I was baptised in as a baby. It sort of started back in 2000. And new neighbors moved in who were very noising kids, obese and loud yelling mother with a youngest son with a autism disorder. I think they were spying on me and look, I don't want to sound childish but I really think now, that those obese kids and mother were jealous of me because I was thin (for the first time in my life I lost weight and they abused me til I got fat and sick again).

I am isolated. And I have been gangstalked at colleges, and workplaces and churches. Many colleges I have been to suddenly go bankrupt or I have been bashed by strangers going to class or to doctors clinics or in social hobby clubs.

In 2011 I left my last job and that hurts. I was put on disability and have got ill and pain every day. I guess they love knowing that. I have no husband, no income and no love. I have no children. I am fat and ugly and alone just how they wanted. They tried to kick me out of home and that must have hurt that it didn't work. They sent pictures to me of my mother in some sick revenge fake porn and my mother says its not her. So I have to kind of question but think then why did this person send this sick stuff to me and I think it was to intimidate me and bully me. Around the same time this stalker started threatening me saying he would "teach me a harsh lesson" and he wanted me to send more poor people to him to give money to them. like WTF? go do your own hand outs smiggle.

Anyway, after that new neighbors moved in next door and they appeared to know the neighbors across the road who were weird towards me. Then the home and street theatre started up and down the street with the new neighbors. Weird actors and stand in stunt men etc playing roles of doing fences and driving huge black trucks. Then came screaming and fights and laughter. Bangs like guns hitting the tin fence. The women and kids acting weird. There dog would run lose but the wife would yell like as if it was a person the guy who was staying at the house with her husband and her and her 2 kids like he needed to be in a jail or cage. Then they started partner swapping with pretend wife bash etc fights in the street at a number of addresses and then loud sex. One night they had a huge fight and I heard one of the men out at the camp site in their front yard say "we got to get out of here". I thought it was weird that they had this actor and his stand in doppelgangers hanging out certain days and nights in a camp fire site and they would eat out and the it literally sounded like they were getting the kids to shake the trees and chase the possums and they were cooking them. I would often hear tire air pumps bang and electric cars make cracking electric noises. And then the two guys started fighting like wrestling and screaming like they were attacking each other. I swear one night they were shoving some object up his ass and he was hanging around this 14 year old child and she was waving her torch at 9pm for him to come over to jump her on the trampoline and they would have loud sex and one night the power went out and they were chasing him before this other guy attacked him.

Ambulances were turning up and on Halloween they all turned up with a candle vigil outside while I was near death and had serious heart troubles from an infection. They were spooking me like they wanted me to die. I was often getting comments on my community page stories attacking me or responding with comments nasty and "whose side are you on?" etc. like there was also some family feud with 2 houses in the street at the same time at the other end of the street. And literally every house there was some weirdo sex organised game going on with trampolines and loud sex and sounds of strange dialysis machines and making out they were breaking and they needed help and were screeching in pain with the machine slowing down. Some people set up some petition and girls parties in the neighborhood would end in screaming and ambulances turning up over fights over this actor sex camping freak.

One day the mother and girls asked a neighbor over and I had met this girl as strangely her ebay clothing came to my house so I contacted her so I hope she knows I was honest and not part of their evil.

The guy seemed to be having sex with a dozen girls and mothers up and down the street. I heard gun shots often and it literally sounded like one man tried to hang himself and you could hear the banging and he killed their dog. He sounded like he got drunk and then they were finding satanic victims to torture and kill and place them in a diggy tied up in the hot with the tarpe over to sober up but they were hand cuffed and I would hear banging against tin often. I seriously thought they were hiring killers to kill on certain nights.

The weird thing is when I got sick it happened like it was done by a poltergeist . They seemed to be doing bon fires and involved in weird spiritual rituals of burning things and a lot of drugs, drinking and sex at night. I still think I got sick due to a spiritual attack against me and it seemed to be around the time all these screaming and assaults were happening and I didn't know who to call as police seemed untrustworthy in my area, I could not call a counselling service so I was ringing a call back suicide help line and I was not even suicidal but they wanted to make me look like I was. I know that now, since learning more about the ultimate ends of why these people do this stuff.

The actor seemed to be going around the neighborhood to cause trouble with women. It eventually all eased up after I got better and out of hospital and was getting better over a year I called police then about it as the girls across the road had been yelling out at me "oh fuck look at her" and the guy next door yelled "I told him to piss off" after many interludes with his obese teen lovers tifs and tramps sex shows for peeps. I had to close my windows to protect my own modesty and dignity. Even the mother across the road was continuing an affair at 4am every morning going for so called walks and she made sure I didn't get that guy and she had him plus her own husband. The kids next door would call out "come and get it at your own risk" at me and the parents were just as weird. One day after I was come home from hospital emergency for heart condition I had to fix a curtain rode were a spider was inside the rod and she seen me and I admit I couldn't help myself to look at what the hell they were doing because it was all so freaking weird and organised bullying towards me and other girls in the street. Regularly mattress would fly in and out of houses with people and loud sex and strange participants involved. So much happened in the range of about 1 year every few weeks when the actor came back. He is very afraid of me telling this story and he is famous and my guess is some famous people do partake in these performances for thrills or frills. (famous people into gangstalking. search it on youtube).

The street theatre died down but there were some strange parties and neighbors bbq meets were some very strange sexual behavior and people screaming running away no soon as they arrived happened often. I don't know why. I can only guess.

Police of course didn't believe me and my father only made it worse as he refuses to see wrong in anyone til they abuse the shit out of him when it happens to him then he cries a river. One day he might wake up that I was right.

The woman next door got fat and got a promotion and went into real estate and had heaps of men turning up before that for sex during the day after her beauty business down coast failed.

The moral of the story is, that that the man who stalked me on line really did try to teach me a harsh lesson and I still do not know why or what to this day. I just think evil is what is it. He was like darth vader when ever he text to me and I reported him later for threats of violence and harm against my person.

They were trying to kill me. GOd didn't and won't let them. I know I am the good person in all this and I keep a lot of what I know to myself. This is one of the most embarrassing events to have to report to police and worse when they don't believe you because you take medications for rape and assault. SO naturally I would have to be making it up. But like I always say, TO police, DON"T you ever say you were not warned or told!!!!!!

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