Female with an extremely high sex drive

I am a woman with a incredibly high sex drive. I need my husband more than he can release. I also masterbate several times a day. I literally cant get enough. I have a huge toy collection but its not the same as being taken bareback and filled up with cum. I have NEVER cheated on my husband and never will. Im not the social type to want to go to clubs or anything. Im secretly yearning for him to offer to bring in others in that I can have sex with when he is too tired, already gotten off, etc. He can even participate by letting me blow him, holding me down while someone else fucks my brains out, letting me jerk him off, make out with, or let him sit back and watch it all. Of course, I would get him off first if he wanted because the point of this is for me to keep having a good time even after we are done. My husband is great at giving me multiple orgasms with a toy but afterwards I just crave for more dick and he has already blown his load and cant cum again.

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  • I have a high sex drive and a very big dick and they feed into each other. My gf and I have sex a lot but she doesnt have as much energy as I do in the bedroom. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the good ole days where I could have one night stands and show off my huge cock to a different girl each time.

  • I am male married and in similar situation. Have to masturbate after normal sex. Wife is not interested for prolonged sex and more than once in a day. When ever I am alone I masturbates to compensate my sex drive. Hope we should have found each other.

  • If he can’t keep up let me know!

  • Hot wish my wife was like that I always want more I would like to hold her down while they fuck her

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