I fantasise about becoming a porn star

I’m 23, I’ve only had one boyfriend; I was a member of the Christian Union at my university (I still kind of half-believe); I lost my virginity at age 21.

Despite all this, I would really like to appear in a porn film. Any kind of porn film.

Why does this appeal to me so much?

Honestly, I would like to see if I could go through with it. I would like to see how everyone acted around me when I turned up (the naughty girl who was going to get naked and have sex on camera). Would I stay cool, or would I be a nervous wreck? Would I look sexy, or would I seem ridiculous? Supposing there was more than one guy in the scene? Supposing there was a group of guys? When I get nervous I go red and find it really hard to talk. Would I just be this nervous, shaking, silent girl, buried under a pile of guys?

I visit sites and think about sending an email and finding out if they would be interested in filming me, how much they would pay, what I would have to do... The thought of it is driving me crazy...

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  • Ohh do u have any material done by u getting f****

  • Just go for it. You only live once

  • I think I would enjoy the experience (and the money would come in handy) but I would hate living with the fear of being found out... I am probably attractive enough that I could get hired, but not attractive enough that I could become a huge star...

  • You don't know whether you would become a big star or not. Try doing incest porn and enjoy!

  • Hi! Lol, why incest porn?

  • Its my go to porn and they have loads and loads of views! Really popular

  • I am in the UK where I don’t think this niche is as popular lol! You mean pretend ‘sister/brother’ type scenes? Like ‘Little brother, what are you doing?’

    I don’t know if I’m a good enough actor tbh.

  • Your acting skills arent important — most guys will just skip to the part where you get your tits out or you wrap your lips around the guy’s dick

    Id like to watch you get throatfucked by a three black guys. How does that make you fee?

  • How does it make me feel? Honestly, I think my interest in this is down to me being naturally quite ‘sub’, so the scene you describe is actually kind of exciting... That’s probably the wrong word, but I think I would he intrigued to find out if I could go through with it/how I would feel etc. I guess a scene like that would pay well also...

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