Surprised me with rough sex

Ive had sex with my husband for 15 years and on the way home from his bosses house, I told him I wanted him to blow his load when he got home because he has been so stressed about work and he needed to release. I told him I didnt care how he did it but cum in me or on me however he wants. I also let him know I wanted to try new things and what does he want to try. He was grinning and shy and said “i don't know.” Talking sex always makes him excited but he gets uncomfortable and often changes the subject.

We got home and he demanded for me to put on lingerie. I asked which one and he said he didn't care but make it hot. He never yells at me to do this with such dominance and I was floored. I said, “yes sir- brb”. I put on my most comfy set (but still sexy) for free range movement and i walked to the kitchen to show him thinking he would be happy and he told me to try again and make it hot. That surprised me. It hurt my feelings just a little but I was also so confused because it was so hot that he FINALLY was telling me what he likes. I went to the bathroom and closed the door. Curled and teased my hair big, put on make up giving me a doe eyed look. Decided to piece together a sexy outfit I put on a bustier that had the boobs cut out, garter, chocker, thong, and hose. My god I felt like I looked so hot. I came back to the kitchen and he said “much better” and came at me.

He grabbed my tit and started making out with me until I was against a door frame. He grabbed my arms and put them behind my back and was holding me so tight to the door I couldn't move. He has been working out and has gotten a lot stronger recently. He flipped me backwards, pulled my hair back hard and sucked my neck. He held my arms tight and pulled my hair so hard and pushed me into the bedroom. Pushed my face down to the bed with a lot of force and shoved his dick inside me I screamed out in surprise. He pulled my head up and back down again to the bed trying to adjust me how he liked while he fucked me hard from behind. He flipped me over pulled me to him and held me down by chocking me. My lace choker was in the way so he ripped it off. All of this hurt and I was definitely suffocating but my god this felt fucking amazing and I was so hot at how dominating he was being. I was holding my pussy tight as I couldn't relax to enjoy it even more because this rough side came out of nowhere. Ultimately I didn't squirt and he didn't get off. So I laid him on the bed and took his cock down my throat until he came.

I asked if he would do this all over again tomorrow. Being dominated turned me on but I need to get use to it so I can relax and fully let him have his way with me. Im tempted to buy ropes and things. This whole experience really turned me on and I am so excited waiting for tomorrow night to come. I want to be his submissive and let him dominate me. He is so shy and not really the dominating type but seeing this side of him showed me he has it in him and that I have it in me to submit to his needs.


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  • Sometimes you need a good fucking

  • You sound like a dream!

  • Let me know what happens next please

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