Secretly Queer Cum Lover

I have a cum fetish. I love to eat it! Started with my own as a young boy and gave my first blowjob to some men when I was 12. I think it is the most awesome thing in the world to suck cock, make another guy cum in my mouth and eat it right out of his dick! Sometimes I go out and give a couple of blow jobs before I meet with my buddies. I love being with those so-called regular guys knowing that I got a couple of fresh loads of cum in me. When they make faggot jokes I laugh and think about the fact that I was sucking on a big hard cock an hour before that! Just the action of sucking on another guy's cock is fun but it turns me on the most to swallow cumshots right out of the other guys' balls!

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  • I'm F, 40s. I love the taste of fresh cum and I have been sucking my hubby before we fuck for the last 20 yrs. It has become some sort of habit for us both. This way he too lasts longer with our intercourse.

  • Most guys I've sucked off have said I'm better than their wives or girlfriends.
    I had a similar start to you, I hit puberty early, by twelve I was six feet tall and had an adult cock. This one, err, less biologically gifted guy in my school, who was so damn skinny I could've picked my lunch from my teeth with his arm, used to openly flirt with me during recess. So one time I figured the hell with it, if it'll make him shut up. I told him to meet me in the third floor boy's room during recess, and we'd have a one-time thing and never talk about it again. We meet up, he starts ripping off my clothes, and when my cock pops out he reacts like it's the holy grail and starts sucking on it. He said he didn't think it'd be so big, I'm only five inches long, but fairly thick for that, and keep in mind this is on a middle schooler. Apparently, he'd only seen other kids cocks, never an adult. Anyway, we sucked each other off, and I immediately broke my never talk about it again rule; I couldn't stop thinking about it that night, so I sought him out the next day and we became a regular item. I'm sure every teacher in school knew we were sucking each other off just about every recess, bit there were more relaxed laws back then; if there weren't any adults involved, no pictures or videos taken, and nobody was obviously beating or forcing anybody, they didn't really give a shit.

  • One thing I have learned is that the guys I love cum sucking brag about using me but they all cum to me for a great cum sucking blow job because they arn't getting anything from their wives or so they say, however 2 have admitted that my love of giving a buddy a great delicious cum sucking is better then anything they can get at home!!

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