My daughters panties

What is worse than your wife catching you jacking off when you havent been able to satisfy her ??I was in the bathroom at home jacking off while sniffing my 16 year olds sexy satin lace panties.No one knew that I was home so when Sharon had to use the bathroom she just walked in...and caught me .I was taking a big whiff and just started to cum when she walked in and locked eyes with me.I dont know who was embarased the most but she screamed ,,ran out yelling for her mother.It took a minute for me to collect myself and I was almost dressed when my wife came busting in the bathroom.I had heard her swear before but not this loud or with so many bad words in a row.I knew I was in trouble when she stopped yelling ,,then she beat the shit out of me.When she finally stopped hitting me she told me to bring my sissy ass to the living room and she would deal with me.I got up off the floor and finished getting dressed and hurried to the living room because I knew the longer I made her wait the worse it was going to be on me. I stopped and stood in front of my wife and she told me to get my clothes off.I was relieved that our daughter wasnt there because I felt so humiliated already. When I was naked she told me to just stand there and not say a damn thing ,Sharon would be back in a few minutes and they would deal with me then. It wasnt very long and Sharon came walking into the living room,She was smiling until she looked over at me,,then she had a look of pure disgust on her face and I felt scared .She went to hand my wife a brown paper bag and my wife told her no,,it was her panties that I was violating when she caught me.Sharon said EEEW mom,,he was jacking off too,,started cuming when I caught him. My wife told me that they were way past tired of me jacking off all the time so they came up with this punishment a few days ago.I looked over and saw Sharon walking towards me with something bright pink in her hand.My wife told me to put my hands behind my back and dont move or she was going to call her dad and have him come over and whip my sissy ass.I held my hands behind my back and did not move ,,Sharon grabbed my limp dick and stood so she was blocking my view but I could feel her doing something with my dick and couldnt figure what the hell she was doing.A few seconds later she jerked on my dick and then just dropped it and walked out of the room.My wife started laughing when I asked her what the hell was that on my dick.Sharon returned and my wife told me since I cant control myself and had to jack off every where all the time they decided that I needed to lock my pathetic little dick up in a chastity device .Sharon handed me a pink paper bag and I looked inside and saw a bunch of hot pink panties in different styles.Sharon told me that it was nasty that i was sniffing her panties while playing with myself and as punishment I had to wear a pair of panties at all times until she told me that I could stop.She told me not to get over confident because I was going to be wearing panties every day for no less than a year .My wife asked me how I planned on going to the gym and not get caught in the locker room wearing a pair of my panties. That was over a year ago,,I am still locked in this stupid hot pink metal dick cage and havent been let out for even one second and my wife and daughter went shopping and bought all new pantied and gave me their old ones .I wear a pair of pretty pink lacey panties every day every day and have almost been caught several times wearing them by one of my guy friends

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  • Bull Shit story read that a thousand times.

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