Addicted to his cum

My husband and I were 14 when we became boyfriend/girlfriend. I was a goodie two shoes type and had planned to make him wait until marriage but after a lot of immature thought, I made the decision to surprised him to lose our virginity to each other for his 16th bday present. Beyond this one experience, I was never a sexual type and always shy so he was usually The one to initiate sex. After that first time, I always daydreamed about feeling him deep inside me through the week and it always made me so wet and anxious for the weekend when I would see him and I would hope so hard he would make a move on me. I could never just “go for it” on my own because I was so timid.

By 18, We quit using condoms because we were young, dumb, but in love and we didn't care if we got pregnant because we loved each other no matter what. That was also the year we moved in together. From that day, our form of birth control was withdrawal because he loved feeling my wet pussy on his hard dick and I was so turned on feeling every bit of him. Usually he would get close and go in a towel. He never would go on me because he knew I was conservative and when I asked him to go on me, he felt like I was just trying to be dirty for him and he felt I didn't really want it. I deep down wanted it. Occasionally he would blow his load in my mouth but he said he didn't want to abuse that privilege because he said there is no way that tastes good. He felt guilt when he would do it but I would let him know its ok. I really wanted it. We did withdrawal for about years without getting pregnant.

We finally decided to elope. Now that we were married, we thought we would try for a baby. On our wedding night, I begged him to blow his load inside me. I was so hot for him and his cum. Withholding this from me for so many years made me want it so bad. I wasn’t sure if he would do it or not that night or if we would wait just a little longer. I daydreamed about feeling his explosion for so many years and it always made me so wet daydreaming about it. I was ovulating too so knowing he might be about to breed me made me so hot too.

That night, he wanted to make sure I was nice and warmed up. He got me off so many times with surprise, a new toy - a sucking vibrator. This was my first time experiencing multiple orgasms to this extreme. With each orgasm, I uncontrollably squirted all over him. I was shaking from the euphoria and pleasure I had just received and I so badly wanted to feel him inside me. I was so engorged, wet, and sensitive. He slid his hard dick inside me. After a few moments of passionate sex, it was his turn and he finally exploded. As bad as I wanted to feel this, I didn’t think he would actually do it so it was a nice surprise. I felt his dick pulsate with every bit of his orgasm and finally felt his warm cum filling me up. He stayed inside making out with me until his dick went limp from exhaustion. I squeezed my pussy tight to hold his cum as long as I could and felt him slowly fall out of me. After a few minutes I couldn't hold it anymore and it started to run out of me and all over him.

We went to the shower to clean up. He was so turned on watching me wash his cum from my pussy that he started to jack off in front of me in the shower. I turned the shower head to the wall and dropped to my knees and started to give him head while fingering myself. I was so surprised he had anything in him for round two. I could tell he wanted me to take it in the mouth like I had sometimes done in the past. I wanted to do something new and let him him to see his cum all over me so when he got close- I finished him on my face, neck, and boobs. That was the first time he saw me covered in his cum. I often wonder if he kept mental photos of this and thinks of me when he showers.

Time goes on and we soon find that he successful planted his seed in me that night. I have had the horniest pregnancy so far. The new normal of our life has become him coming home from a hard stressful day at work to me sprawled out in my lingerie begging for him to fill me up again.

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  • My wife likes to have me cum all over her. Sometimes she will open her mouth and beg me to fill it. Sometimes I spray her face. I’ve taken quite a few pictures of her facials. Now she wants me to share them on the internet.

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