Cum Coffee

I caught my husband having an affair. She was some dopey little slut and he promised not to see her again. He told me she had only ever given him blowjobs and that wasn’t really cheating. Yeah, Right!!

I thought “fuck this” and decided that if getting a bj was t cheating then giving one mustn’t be either!

I am quite flirtatious naturally but had never thought of cheating on him -until now. I told one of the blokes at work that I wanted to suck him off. Seriously, I just blurted it out over lunch. I went on to tell him why and he couldn’t believe his luck. “So you want to suck me off but don’t want anything in return?”

“Only your cum” I responded.

We arranged to meet up after work and in a quiet country lane I took his cock in my mouth and within seconds he came. I almost chocked on it all. I quickly opened the car door and spat it on the ground.

“Bit of a waste” he said “you should have spat that in your cheating husbands food”. OMG what a great idea. The following night we met up again and I brought a plastic sandwich bag. After he came I spat it into the bag and popped it in my handbag.

When I arrived home I made coffee as normal. The blowjob had left me horny so I found myself in the kitchen hand in my panties, finger squelching whilst I poured the cum into his coffee.

I gave him the coffee and sat opposite him. Lifting my skirt I showed him my pussy and told him I wanted some cock. This really isn’t like me so he was on his feet in a second. “No!” I told him. Not until after you have drunk your coffee.
“But it’s too hot” he complained. “I am not rushing” I said. “Take your time”

So I had the amazing experience of sitting opposite him playing with myself and watching him drink another man’s cum. When it was all gone I walked towards him and buried my pussy in his face and he licked me until I orgasmed.

After that I slid down onto his cock and he fucked me right there in the chair.

I went too far didn’t I?

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  • You must be the office whore because nobody in their right mind would do this with someone they worked with, but I'm guessing you're a guy because women just don't fantasize about blowing some guy and nothing else unless it's some guy she's wanted for a long time.

  • I just can't see a wife giving some other guy a blowjob.
    I understand being some guy's fuck buddy. All hot for a guy and you just let him have his way. But BJ -- that's doing the dirty deed for some guy orgasm in your mouth -- a gift for your husband.

  • I have thought about this. The one thing with BJ for cheating is its easier for the wife to get rid of the "evidence".

  • Hot. You don't need a plastic bag to bring the other man's cum home. Best and most natural place to do that is in your pussy.

  • Not far enough, thats awesome and lucky bloke at work

  • I don't think so.

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