Tell us about your first orgasm.

Here’s mine. I was maybe 13, at the bleeding edge of puberty. I was massively horny, playing with myself as often as nobody was looking, constantly pants-splittingly erect. As a Catholic kid, I probably had no idea that orgasms even existed.

One day I’m in my room and starting to change my clothes, hard as usual. Then my two-year-old sister, not socialized enough to knock yet, barges right in. In less time than it takes to tell, I pull down my pants, lie on the bed and say, “Hey J___, look at this!”

She, ever the curious toddler, walks right up, studies my throbbing hardon for a second, then reaches out and grabs it. I come instantly, bucketloads of pent-up semen. She lets go, face puzzled, and walks out of the room.

Imagine my surprise.

My first panicky thought is, “What if she tells Mom?!” Then I remember that she is barely able to babble, let alone spill the beans. I never heard another word about it.

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  • My first orgasm was a surprise.
    It was during a sleepover with my bestfriend. We're both males. He was about seven months older than me.
    We used to lay in bed next to each other and tell dirty stories. Trying to get ourselves excited. He would tell me about things he did with his female cousin, or about his sister.
    I would make stuff up. I didn't have any real experience with girls.

    We would lay under the covers with our underwear pulled down. Not all the way, just in case someone checked on us.
    We would "check" to see if the other was getting a boner occasionally. Wondering if our stories were working.

    At one point, as my friend told me one if his stories, I grabbed a stuffed Easter bunny that my mom had given me maybe a year earlier.
    I pulled my underwear down, past my knees.
    I placed the bunny underneath my body as I rolled over on top of it. Shoving it down towards my stiffie.
    I placed my penis between the stuffed animals legs. Holding them tightly against my skin.

    As my friend lay next to me, I started pretending to have sex with my Easter bunny.
    Sliding in and out between the soft furry legs as I held them.
    The soft fabric tickled my sensitive skin. I felt incredible. Everything tingled.

    Without warning, I had this incredible urge to pee. "Oh God!", I thought.
    I was afraid that I was going to wet the bed. It just came on so fast.

    I jumped out of bed as I began spurting. Trying to hold it back, I put my hand in front of it. My testicles ached.
    I ran as quietly I could to the bathroom. Spasming along the way.

    When I got to the toilet, my "pee" was thicker than usual. It spurted out in jets that almost hurt.
    It took a while before it finally stopped. Before I thought it was safe to go back to bed.

    I thought that I had broken something.

  • My friend explained to me what had happened when I got back into bed. He had already had some experience in that area.
    We went back to what we were doing, until it was his turn to cum.

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