Fucked like i was a girl on his bed

I used to get fucked regular by an older man ( in his 60s ) on his bed, whilst i’m wearing my black/ white tartan skirt with ripped dark black tights and white ankle socks on... sometimes only white ankle socks or over knee ones.
We would play daddy daughter on his bed, he would carefully and slowly FUCK me in my arse with me on my belly, one knee up, gradually becoming DEEPER AND HARDER... my hard cock rubbing on his bed, as i feel him inside me.... whispering dirty things in my ear, licking my neck holding me down, so horny, he would always cum on my skirt, tights or white socks.
A few times, he would FUCK ME missionary position, my knees up and open, my small feet pointing forward posing like a girl, ( so it looked nice ) mmmm my cock rubbing on his stomach as he POUNDED & THRUSTED INTO ME.

I love older men, playing with me as I pretend i’m a girl in my white socks black tights and skirt.

I’m meeting another regular older man tonight actually... in my long white over knee socks and tartan skirt.

He’s going to cum on my sexy white socks and on my cock too. I’m cumming on his cock, then i’m kissing and licking my cum off his cock.

Hopefully i’ll be doing something like this with my father in law in the week on his bed. Mmmmmm oh god i hope so:)


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  • I want to be that man humping you.

  • My poor confused child. You need the love of our blessed Lord Jesus. He can save you from a life of sin. Men use you and only our Lord can heal your body , mind , and soul. I will pray for you. Get on your knees and ask him to save you. Ask Jesus into your heart. Pray with me. He will fulfill you like no one else can. I too had been used by men for their vile sick perversions but our Lord Jesus Christ washed me clean as a new born babe and showed me love no man can. A true love that leaves me whole and wanting no other. He healed me after I made a mess of my life. First you have to take responsibility for your own self . Ask him to forgive you and save you. I will pray for you my poor child .

    Sister Mary Margaret.
    God bless and look after you.

  • Love that story of yours. You got me so turned on and wanting to fuck you big much wishing I was your father-in-law making you cum all over my cock till I explode shooting my cum on those sexy white socks of yours. Mmmmm

  • Sir you are very sick and should be ashamed of yourself. I will none the less pray that God will help you and deliver you from your sick thoughts. You are a sinner in need of the Lord's forgiveness. That and a good swift kick in the arse.

    Sister Mary Margaret

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