Fucking a work friend

So I'm married and have been for 12 years. I'm also bisexual and my wife doesn't know. I haven't been able to have sex with my bf for about 6 months now just due to covid and also work schedules.

So anyway, I work in a factory and I work next to a guy who is gay. He flirts with me and I flirt back. For the longest time, it's been harmless. He knows I'm married. He will say stuff like, "If I got ahold of you, you wouldn't worry about that wife of yours not fucking you." The other day he said that and I said, "You wouldn't know what to do with me if you had me." He said, "I'd suck your dick but just until you wanted to cum but I'd stop. Then I'd fuck you." I said, "Who says I want to bottom?" He said, "Im willing to bet you'd like it."

We banter like this all the time. Tonight we were walking to our cars and he said, "What are you gonna do now?" I said, "Honestly, go home, get some food and rub one out." He said, "Or come home with me and I'll suck your dick." I said, "Ok." He said, "Really? Don't fuck with me." I said, "No really. I'll follow you."

I followed him home. We immediately got naked. Sucked each other's dicks and I let him fuck me. Little does he know that I bottom for my bf.

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