Cumming in the changing room.

This is super wierd but I went to Target the other day with my family and they were taking forever... and I dont know what I was thinking but I didn't have anything to do so I picked out some clothes to try on in the changing room. The thing is I was right next to the girls section and I grabbed 2 pairs of young girls panties that were folded on a display table next to the changing room. One was light blue with a little bunny stitched onto the belly and the other pair were pink with little lace hearts patterned across the crotch and the softest fabric I have ever felt on the liner inside where their pussy would touch. I was let Into the changing room by this girl that was kinda blatantly unaware and she reminded me of Billy Eilish and being 15 it gave me a boner when she shut the door for me. I took of my t-shirt then I undid the button on my shorts and zipped down and pulled my pants down and noticed my cock in the mirror. I let my shorts amd underwear slide to the floor and stepped out of them and stared in the mirror as my little cock stood full mast. I felt an intense heat rising inside me as I pulled out the little blue bunny panties and slid them on pulling them up my thighs. My little cock still fit into the soft fabric crotch of the girls panties but I couldn't help but pull the fabric up from behind trying to squench the heat that burned and made me wedgie the panties into my butthole. I sat down on the floor with my legs up against the mirror and pulled the panties up against my b-hole and pressed the panties against me noticing my first pubescent hairs in the mirror fighting for space against the thin fabric. I felt like the cutest girl ever as I tucked my little package back behind me and made it look like I had a neat a pretty little vagina. But it was like fighting a giant cause my cock kept popping out and I felt an uncontrolled nature to stroke it. As I lay on the floor with my nearly bare ass wedgied with my fingers my little pecker popped out of the pantied crotch so I took the pink panties with the lace hearts and started stroking my cock as I pulled the wedgie further into my butt and stared into the mirror, and pumped and grinded my butt Into the carpeted floor, my eyes went dizzy and I could hear Billy Eilishe's footsteps outside as i pumped the little pink panties up and down my cock and exposed my fresh pubic hair in the mirror I pushed the panties in one motion deep into my tight butthole with my finger.. i hear a knock on the door as im gripping my cock, lunging I shoot my cum all over Billy Eilishe's feet under the door of the changing room.

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