The wonderful smell of a Sexy woman’s Pussy

55 year old guy, married 25 wonderful years to a very sexy woman. Sex life pretty good, but Lately I’m obsessed with smelling and licking another woman’s pussy. I fantasize about it every day and masturbate several times a week. I think about a stranger who wants me to sniff and eat her. I guess I’m just used to my wife’s scent and desire something different. Can anyone out there relate, I’m sure it’s not just me...

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  • Thank you sister Mary! I got my bible and went to church like a good boy. I prayed sister Mary, I prayed, but I still have the Devil inside me. I just can’t shake the naughty thought of sniffing another sexy woman’s pussy. I have to confess, Sister Mary, I even stole my neighbors panties and did nasty things with them. I’m afraid it’s too late...

  • Young man get on your knees and pray with me now. Dear Lord Jesus, we pray for this dear young man who has dirty sexual thoughts about ladies body parts. Lord we pray that you remove these thoughts from his mother and and you replace them with good wholesome ones his mother would be proud of. Lord we thank you for your son, Jesus whom without we would all perish and spend eternity without you. Help this poor young man Lord. Help him to grow and become a descent man of God and not a perverted sick one like our poor, poor President that terrible miss guided womanizer Donald Trump. Yes Lord hear our prayers , amen!

    Now get yourself in a good bible church and seek out the fellowship of other believers. Sister Mary Margaret .

    P. S. God loves you.

  • I want to sniff the asshole of every woman I’m with. The scent makes me hard every time

  • Young man I will pray for you also. You need it. Sex is the devil's tool that destroys many a good man. Get thee behind me satan. I command you to the pits of hell for eternity. Pray this simple prayer with me. Oh Lord Jesus please help me to replace these horrible thoughts of sex with wholesome thoughts. Help me God. I'm but a poor lousy sinner. Thank you Jesus amen! Now go and sin no more.

    Sister Mary Margaret
    God Loves You

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