I'm a BLM whore

I have been going to several BLM protest in my area. There I have met several young sexy hunks that really turned me on. I mean a lot. My hubby went with me to several of the nights of protest . He told me that he was thinking about me being with a couple of the young men we met the first night and asked me what I thought about it. I told him that many husbands have thoughts about their wives being with other men. I asked him if he would like to maybe invite a couple of the young men we met back to our house afterwards. I could see the level of excitement in his eyes and his little bulge in his shorts. So we decided that the next evening we would invite several of the young men who marched along with us to come home for a few drinks and some fun. That Saturday evening after we marched and carried our BLM signs I invited three of the sexy hot young men back to our home. They said sure so they rode home with us in our SUV.

I was in the back seat with two of the young men. They were rubbing my legs and one put his hand up under my , "I Can't Breathe" tee shirt. My nipples were really hard feeling his fingers playing with them and cupping my perky breast. I was so aroused by what they were doing I wanted them right then and there. My husband was watching in the rear view mirror. I was licking my fingers and looking right at him. I reached down and I put my hand down the one guys athletic shorts and I felt his cock. Damn it was pretty big and it wasn't even hard yet. Bigger soft than my husband's cock hard. I pulled it out and I went right down on him and began to lick him and I stroked his sexy dark dick until it started getting bigger. Then I began to suck on him in the back of our SUV. His cock was so fucking yummy and he was leaking a lot as I worked my soft pink lips around him. We pulled into our garage and I covered his large penis up. I kissed him and told him lets go inside.

We all proceeded into the living room. I asked if anyone wanted a drink. Nobody said a word. Then I asked who wanted to just go upstairs and fuck . They all replied yes. So I told them to follow me. My husband was last upstairs. Once in the bedroom I yanked the covers off the bed and then the sexy young man I was giving the blowjob to grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He raised my tee shirt above my head and off. Then he began to suck on my breast. I yanked down his shorts as he took off his shirt. I got down on my knees before him. Then I said, " this is for the hundreds of years of slavery and raping of your women by us white people." Then I started sucking on his sexy big cock again. He grabbed the back of my head and choked me down onto his long thick penis. I continued sucking on his sexy dark penis. God it was so hot and I could feel his pulse inside my mouth.

He picked me up and laid me down onto the bed. Then he got between my thighs and spread my legs wide open. My feet and ankles were hanging in the air. I felt him enter me and began fucking my little pink married pussy. He felt so good inside of me. My eyes rolled back in my head as he thrust deep inside my pussy. I was extremely wet from being so excited. I looked over at my husband who was undressing and the two other young men who were now naked. They had yummy thick cocks and sexy round muscular ass'. My husband was stroking his little white cuck dick. I just enjoyed the moment as it was happening. Getting fucked really good by a sexy hot young man we met a couple nights ago. He knew how to make me feel so good. I was making a pretty good bit of noise getting his large thick cock. I could feel his big balls smacking my tight little ass. I was totally in heaven. I kissed him and we made out as he fucked me silly. His long thick shaft going places I didn't even know I had.

It didn't take him too long and I felt like I was going to climax. So I told him to let me ride on him. He pulled out and stood up. Then he slid me to the edge of the bed and flipped me on my tummy. I felt his cock re-enter my pussy and he began fucking me even harder. He smacked my ass and told me to shut up and enjoy the fucking I was getting. He was in charge not me and he let me know it. I was just along for the ride. I was quickly feeling like I might come and soon. Well it didn't take very long and I felt him filling my pussy full of his young warm cum. It felt so good and I was screaming out with joy as I climaxed. He pulled out of me and I just laid there trying to gather myself. Suddenly I felt someone behind me and another hard cock sliding up and down my wet opening. Then before I could get up there was another cock fucking me good and hard. This cock was thicker but not as long. Still it felt really good inside of me and I was grabbing and clutching the top sheet on the bed. I felt my eyes tear up as his thick cock slid in and out of my already very wet hole.

He pulled out and smacked my ass telling me to get on the bed and turn over. I did and as I rolled over he got on my chest and put his wet cock in my mouth and told me to suck on it. It was so fat my mouth hurt to open that wide. I continued to suck on his cock and he fingered me really hard. I stopped to tell him be more gentle and he put his hand around my throat and told me to suck cock not talk. He grabbed my breast and squeezed them firmly. They were a bit sore already I guess cause my period was getting near. He then re-mounted me and continued to fuck me. He leaned down and began kissing me and I grabbed his sexy round muscular ass. I could feel how wet my ass and the bed was becoming from the hard fucking. The other young guy got on the bed and was smacking me in the face with his hard dick. He wasn't nearly as thick or long . Still I enjoyed it and I began to lick on him. He popped his cock in my mouth and I sucked on him and felt his big hairy balls against my soft face. He had lots of prickly thick dark pubic hair. The one who was now fucking me and kissing and sucking on my breast made my pussy clamp hard on his thick cock. My moaning was muffled by the cock in my mouth. I lost track of time but it seemed like at least 30 or 40 minutes had passed and my pussy was starting to feel like hamburger being pounded by large thick cocks. I was just use to my husbands little 5.5 inch white dick that wasn't very thick. Just an average white man. Up till this experience that's all I had been with. Maybe the largest was 6.5 inches but no where near as thick or long.

Finally I felt him as he filled me full of his seed. He collapsed on top of me and then laid there for a few minutes. I was cold wet sweat as I felt the AC come on and cool air out of the ceiling vent. He pulled out of me and showed my husband waving his massively thick cum covered penis in the air. The next young guy was only 17 I found out later from my husband. He got on top of me and went right to fucking me. He gave it to me quickly. He played with my breast and kissed me. He wanted to know how his cock felt. I told him he felt so good and I grabbed his sexy young ass and squeezed it. OMG! His ass was nice and round but firmer. I wish he had been first cause I think I actually would have enjoyed him the most. His penis would have been probably perfect for my little married white pussy. I was so wet and by this time pretty raw also. I just wanted to be finished. It took him a long time to climax and fill my pussy full of his seed. We both were covered in sweat by the end. I even offered to lick his cock clean but he said he just wanted to put his head on my breast and feel me. So we laid there for another 20 - 30 minutes. At one point I looked at my husband and told him I hope he had finished cause I was toast. I told him it would be a couple days before I would be up to anything at all. He said he had long time ago shot his load in his hand and on his feet. I laughed and said well good.

The guys had gotten dressed and I put on my little silk robe. They said they enjoyed fucking me so much and hoped we could do it again and soon. I told them sure thing anytime. I started a bath and my husband took them back to where we had met. I dropped the robe around my ankles and there was so much seamen running back out of me and down my ass and legs. I decided I wanted a glass of wine and I walked to the kitchen naked and got a glass and filled it with my favorite chardonnay then got into the tube and soaked. My husband returned 40 minutes later and he told me all the good details. The youngest was 17 and the oldest was 22 and one 19. Wow does that make me a cougar I asked. He said no just a horny milf. I am well older than 25 and younger than 33. Not telling my age. It took me about a full week to get back to feeling normal. Guess I wouldn't make a very good porn star. It really took a lot out of me. I really enjoyed my time with those hot sexy young men. My husband is having issues now. I mean he is really feeling bad about himself and he tells me that he knows he can't ever please me like they did and it's okay if I want to fuck men who are larger and more capable of giving me what I need. I should have realized this would have destroyed his self esteem . I don't know where we go from here sexually. I still love my little husband but I know what a man with a large penis can do also. We plan on attending another protest if one manifest itself and see what happens if we meet any nice sexy hot young guys. I'm up to another session and this time I would like my hubby to film it so we can watch whenever we like. To reflect back on.

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  • I'm a 26 year old married mum, from the UK. I hooked up with my first bbc after blm march in London. It was an incredible fuck.

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