Got fucked now confused

So I always considered myself straight but yesterday a cross dresser throat fucked me and fucked my ass like in porn and now want more I don't know why. I didn't know she or he was until the cock come out

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  • I got fcked when I was way younger where I used to live by three older boys a lot. I never wore girls clothes before until after I moved and met a man in our neighborhood who dresses like a woman all the time. He throat and butt fcks me like a bunch of times already. He buys me the prettiest girls clothes.

  • Your not confused your still a gay fucker. There is a cure. It's called suicide by your choice of method. Can be lots of fun. Give it a try. Have a nice day.

  • I've had sex with other boys since I was way littler and since covid-19 and everyone's stuck working from home I've been with a man. I thought I was just gonna suck um but I was wearing my sister's stuff and he really fucked me like so much!

  • How did you end up in bed?

  • On his back

  • Stupid

  • Me too!
    I’m a straight married guy. Got my self into a situation where I got raped by gay studs and their sissy toy. The two studs ass fucked new and faced fucked me over and over. Sissy boy suck my cock and fucked himself on my dick continually.
    I have a big beautiful cock and that’s what got me in trouble. But the studs had monsters with big mushing heads.
    ....anyhow, after struggling a bit I found there was nothing I could do and loved being sucked. So I relaxed and went with it.
    I mean I gad a bleeding ass dripping cum. I was chocked and had dried cum all over my face and I have never had so many orgasms.....
    Yeah, now I want more. I wanT to be raped and used.....and feel that huge load up my ass!

  • Rape fantasy's are fun... Of course everyone wants to feel forced to submit to it. Being tied down with nylons and forced to be a submissive cock sucking bitch who begins to feel a hard smooth cock penetrate "her pussy".

  • I had a secret fantasy about it, being forced to submit because it happened to me when I was a kid. Two years after I got married I had a few too many and up having my fantasy fulfilled.

  • How do you get in that situation?

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