Aunt grabbed my boobs

I was at my Aunt and Uncles house for the summer and was outside by a pond they have when my aunt called me in for lunch . I had mud on my t shirt and it was the only one i had so my Aunt Linda took me to the basement where she had some t-shirts hanging and said here ,lets try this one and grabbed the bottom of my t pulled it up and off and set it on the washer . I was standing there in my shorts and bra . The first shirt was way long . She said here ,try this . It was a tube top ,so I turned around and took off my bra and reached for the tube top and Aunt Linda says dont be shy , were both girls, and touched my shoulders and turned me around and looked straight at my chest . She said oh your looking good and touched my nipple with her fingers . I stood there feeling stupid . She now played with my other nipple and reached for the top and handed it to me and as I put my hands up to pull it down on me , she squeezed both my boobs , she said oh what i give to be young again . I got the top in place and said your not old . She reached for the top and slid it down exposing boobs once again , and said yeah maybe but they are not as firm as yours anymore as she again touched my nipples and squeezed my boobs . Again I stood there not knowing how to react , it was awkward silence as I stood there being felt up by my Aunt , but at the same time I really didnt care . She backed off a little looked at my boobs and said lets go up and have lunch . she watched as I slid the top back into place and that was all that happened . So innocent , erotic and hot , but nothing really happened . I often think what would I have done if she sucked my nipple or did something else . Or was it all innocent and my mind took it as incestual when it was just girl "Talk " .

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  • I grabbed my aunts boobs when we were the pool together. They felt so good.

  • You can't leave me hanging, what do your boobs and nipples look like? I don't care about size, but I love sucking on nipples!!

  • Sounds HOT to me.
    I think you should go try on some more clothes with her.
    Make sure no one else is at home.

  • What happened wasn't innocent your aunt was sexually stimulating you, and from what I have read you enjoyed it as well, and yes it was incest if your both ok why not, what's all the taboo about consenting incest.

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