Raging hard on

I’m 23yr old male that needs to confess. When I was around 15 or 16 I had a really good friend whose mom was a milf. I never let him know though. I went to his house one day but he didn’t answer the door. It was always unlocked so I went on in thinking he was upstairs. As I walked to his bedroom I was accidentally startled by a moan sound in the other room. Thinking that was him I started towards the cracked door and accidentally noticed it was his mom in her panties in front of mirror doing her make up. I couldn’t look away from her freshly shaven bald pubic mound and her vagina lips poking outside her tiny thong. Being 15 and spying on my friends hot mother’s snatch was unreal. My dick was so hard pushing against the wall humping then accidentally cumming in my pants making brief noise. She turned towards the door as I stepped back but saw I had been watching I thought. I can hear her walking towards me but my cock was bulging out so bad she would’ve noticed and at the last minute she shuts the door. I still cum a lot from that picture and we never mentioned it

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  • I'm watching Deliverance right the fuck now. We are at the good part. Ned Beatty was told to drop them pants and my cock started getting big and fat. Want to come over and play Deliverance with me? I'll be Ned.

  • I have a raging fucking hard on. You could come wrap your hot sexy mouth around my cock and suck out a huge over due load of semen into your belly .

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