Not queer friend

I wrote earlier about my friend who doesn't think he's gay despite all the things we do and have done in the past. He does other stuff that's outright crazy. He likes to call up our other friends and talk to them while I'm sucking his cock. He especially likes to call his girlfriend and have phone sex with her when I am about to make him cum. He sometimes makes me call my mom while he fucks me up the ass! He also looks at those Japanese cartoon pictures. You know the ones that have tiny children depicted in every sexual situation? He says it's okay because they have little pointy ears and little fuzzy tails. They're only animal children having sex, see? I'm shut up and keep sucking! He makes me seem like a pretty normal guy!

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  • I never dated in high school and just hung out with my friends. My mom started to wonder if I was gay or something? I guess she really wanted to know because she suddenly changed.

    Last Saturday when I came down for breakfast my mom was wearing a very conservative long blue robe. I didn't think anything about it until she brought me my bacon and eggs. When she bent down to lay my plate on the table, her robe parted and I could see one of her tits completely naked. It was big but didn't hardly sag with big hard nipples.

  • Maybe he's a bi asshole.

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