Not Queer?

Me and my friend have been having sex since we were young boys. He's older and pretty aggressive so I have been the one sucking his cock and getting fucked for all these years. Because he's never or rarely touched me he doesn't think he's queer! His proof is that he's never eaten cum and never had another guy's cock inside him. He thinks of me as a faggot and sometimes calls me that while I'm sucking him off. I think he's a fag too from the very first time that he cummed in my mouth! This somehow makes him feel superior to me and he often abuses me with his cock. If that isn't queer I don't know what is!

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  • Maybe that just gets him off to talk dirty. It wouldn't bother me if he trash talks me while I gorge on his cock. I must be part faggot, since I love eating sperm.

  • Lots of boy's who get me to go with them say that they aren't gay I am because I'm the one who they're cumming in. I don't really get it?

  • Ever since I got fucked by some boy's at a party it's been really weird. I mean I told them that I don't want to do it again but an older boy who said I was really cute since I was little has been fucking me like crazy. I went with him a week after the party and he doesn't know what happened to me at the part. I keep thinking about the boys from the party a lot?

  • I'm 17 now but still look 14, and love being fucked by straight white guy, (I'm African American) they are so gentle with me and treat me like a girl. Even during the lockdown I go to the park for sex. For sex with them.

    Last Friday, I met 3 , 30 something Afrian American guys and through being with them for a gang bang would be cool, they each had big cocks. It was a mistake, as I was striped naked and forced on all four on the ground. They wouldn't use the lube I had and i was raped. It was one after the other. They were too rough I begged them to stop, but they kept slapping and hurting me. Calling me a faggot. For over 3 hours they each raped several times.

    My ass was bleeding when they left me naked on the ground. I had to sleep there my ass hurt so much I couldn't walk. The worst part was I came every time they raped me. Deep down I must have wanted to be raped as I came.

    WTF is wrong with me.

  • I'm 14 and when I was 12 some black boy's near my grandparents house did it to me in the park. They treated me nice though and I liked it from the start. One of them has two uncles who want to fuck me and I'm thinking it would be cool but I'm scared to?

  • I know what you mean... but not everyone is that way. The older boy who started having sex with me is gay but others who do think I'm gay but they're not. When I became a teenager men started wanting me to be with them. Most of um don't think that they're gay because th they're married?

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