Married guy
Have a strong desire to suck a guys Dick.
Never have but find myself fantasizing about sucking off a guy.

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  • I was in your place about 3 years ago. I wanted to suck a friend's cock really badly. He moved away and I thought I had missed my chance. Then I was walking my dog and met a really cute fellow. We hit it off and a couple days later I was at his apartment watching a movie. In the movie an actress was talking about sucking her boyfriend's cock. My new friend looked at me and the next thing I know I slid down his sexy little briefs and I got busy sucking his cock. We are still together. We suck each other off all the time and even fuck each other. Life is so good. We want to get married and are planning a fall wedding. Don't think just do it. I couldn't be more happy.

  • Congratulations!!

  • I'm available if you would like to suck a nine inch and thick clean saved

  • My yes I so would enjoy that. I love to swallow.

  • Yes

  • Home Depot restroom in KC..

  • Im a married guy also. I love sucking cock, nothing like being on my knees with a cock in my mouth. Older married guys are great, they appreciate a good blowjob and cumming in my mouth. Im in Mansfield Ohio for anyone needing a great blowjob.

  • Email?

  • I will like to do your wife

  • It's ok to want or think about sucking off other men. I also have struggled with these feelings. I want to but am scared I might really like it so much that I will end up traveling the earth in search of the perfect penis to suck. I guess that's why I joined the local gym a couple years ago. I like looking at others men's privates. Well there ass' too. Damn I must be gay.

  • Yep your gay dude. Just suck a cock and get it over with. Go on you pufter . Turn on Rocketman and learn from the queen of rock & roll. He loved sucking cocks.

  • Ok Mike P.

  • Mikey P is this you? Told you to lay off the booze you fool.

  • Are we talking about Mikey P of PA, Is it Spring Grove , or Hannover area? I know this guy. Yep probably from too much drinking. Poor Mikey I didn't know he had homo tendencies.

  • Did you suck his cock?

  • I am not gay, nor have I ever looked at a guy and been sexually attracted to him. But I have to admit that I saw a trans awhile back and she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She had a pretty face and curves that put Marilyn Monroe to shame. Her breast were perfect, her ass was perfect, her hips and legs were perfect. She had a gorgeous tan, long beautiful hair and a smile that was killer. There were absolutely NO masculin features about this woman at all. She had on shorty shorts and a tank that hugged her tits. And then someone told me she was a transgender. There is no way in hell a woman as beautiful as her was born a man. No way. I still think they were lying to me.

  • Leave it in fantasy land in your mind. You are married and thats cheating on top with a man. If caught you will hurt your wife bad and she will make sure that all you friends and family know about it. If you love you wife, then you should know better. If you are in a loveless marriage divorce her and do what ever makes you happy. Just realize that it might cost you friends and family relations.

  • PS you could try to talk about your fantasy with her, but most women won't go for that.

  • I’m exactly the same! Married guy who is extremely excited to try and suck another guys dick. My dick is rock hard thinking about it while I type this. I’m in Queensland Australia, if some one here is too, drop a reply

  • A gay queen from Queensland Australia. You can't make that up.

  • Yes I am too mate. Let’s meet up in town first.

  • I have had blowjobs from both sexes and men give the best blow jobs

  • You can suck mine if I can suck yours, honey.

  • Let's 69 see who cums first

  • If you are too desperate then try glory hole.

  • I'm a guy and never imagined I would ever suck a dick but crazy things happen and once I tried it I love doing it. I just totally like having a nice thick dick in my mouth and throat. Its so hot when he cums in my mouth or on my face. I feel so degraded but also like that's what I'm good for.

  • I feel the same way. I feel so ashamed and slutty swallowing his cum, but it just feels so right. My wife would freak out if she knew.

  • Right on I'd love to suck each other off if your down

  • She might not. I never thought I’d be in to it, but when that guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved it in to my boyfriends mouth I couldn’t believe how turned on I got. Watching him take a cock in his mouth, down his throat, watching him REALLY like it. And for us it ended in a great fuck with my bf in the middle. I just really recommend sharing all your fantasies, even if you don’t say them out loud first

  • Holy smokes that sounds so hot. I need you to talj to my wife for me.

  • Do you ever have 3 somes? It’s a natural to come up if you can start there

  • I am not gay but when my wife has her strapon cock on and gets on my back I wish it was a real cock any man in MD want to show me how a real cock fills

  • Yes in Bethesda.

  • When and where in Bethesda

  • My wife said I should make friends with a guy that would show me what a real cock fills like and I should let him do what he wants so Mr Bethesda do you want to be the first

  • Post a contact info.

  • Email or phone num ?????? Bethesda

  • Ti1hor (at) outlook. Com

  • Email or phone # num

  • You should try it! Suck and eat some cum. Maybe you love it or not....
    But you have to try your fantasy!
    My fantasy was getting sucked by any one any time. So I did. Yup, I’m a slut. Anyone who wants to suck me and wag my ass are welcome to....
    And yes, I’m a married guy!

  • In that case hope your wife finds out before you bring something home that can't be cured and give it to her. HIV is forever and is costly.

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