Tiny cock

Im married to a guy that has a pretty big cock
Its 7 inches but huge around.
Problem is it hurts or really fits so tight I don’t enojoy sex with him.
I fake my O every time
My boyfriend before him was small
Im small 5 foot 97 lbs
I get so horny anymore having to take care of myself
I can’t climax with my husband.

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  • I have a 7" fat boy too. My wife is tighter than OJ's glove. I never fail to give her lots of foreplay and oral first. If it's a quicky I use KY on me and her. She does say, no pain no gain. And she had a real big old boyfriend and he only hurt the firs time, mostly because she was frightened that big thing was in her -- she loved it after that. You need to girl up.

  • My wife has the exact same problem with me. She is good about me being overly sexual in spite of her discomfort. I think she feels I would go back to my cheating ways as I did with my ex for not taking care of me.

  • I have an above average size penis, but much prefer oral sex and finger play. I could make you orgasm without putting a finger inside you

  • Wish I have him, would love to feel my pussy bring ripped by my husband

  • I have a small cock if you want to ride it.

  • I am embarrassed to admit I would love to be inside you and have him enter me and do us both

  • So stretch your lazy pussy.

  • Lots of ways to get satisfaction baby.....check them all out to find yours.
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  • Well sweetie dont quit giving hubby that tight pussy or he'll look elsewhere!

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