Outdoor/Public Nudity Fetish

Curious to know how many others out there have an outdoor/public nudity fetish similar to mine...

It started back in junior high when I was exploring a small wooded area that ran along a creek near our house. I was constantly horny at that age so I pulled down my pants to masturbate. I returned to these woods frequently for more masturbatory fun until one day I decided to just take my clothes off and wander around in the nude. I remember my orgasms as being very intense, as I fantasized about fucking some of my classmates out there. Both female and male, since I'm bisexual.

I started taking more risks as I got older. I grew up in a one-story house in a Chicago suburb, and in high school I started climbing out of my bedroom window in the middle of the night during the warm summer months and walking naked all around our neighborhood. When I got my license, I would drive around looking for other wooded areas (often near light industrial parks) where I could strip and do my thing. I gave my first blow job to an older married guy who caught me in one of these wooded areas. The memory of watching him take his clothes off in front of me gets me hard to this day, and I can still hear his moans as he ejaculated all over my face. I was a freshman in college and I'm guessing he was in his 50s or 60s. He had a nice cock...about 7" cut with a completely clean-shaven pubic area. I never knew his name.

When I was in college, they kept all of the classroom buildings open 24/7 during final exam time. I was all by myself in one of these buildings at 3:00 a.m. one morning when I decided to take a break by stripping in one of the bathrooms and walking up and down the hallways in the nude. I ended up masturbating sitting on the edge of a stage in one of the lecture halls, shooting ropes of cum all over the carpeting below. No security cameras back in those days.

Since graduating college, I've worked for seven different companies. I walked naked around the office buildings of four of those companies after hours and on weekends. Again, no security cameras to record my naughtiness.

I'm now in my 60s, and I'm still finding places to walk around outdoors in the nude. One of the big draws of our current home is the fact that it's across the street from a 70-acre wooded conservatory that our village turned into a park by building a walking/biking trail all through it. One of only four entrances to this trail is directly across the street from our front door. In the summertime, when the weather is nice and the days are long, I'll be up and at 'em at the crack of dawn, telling the wife that I'm going for my walk before starting my day. She likes the fact that I'm getting my exercise. What she doesn't know is that I'm getting my exercise in the nude. I'll walk across the street at 5:30 a.m. wearing only a t-shirt, shorts, and walking shoes (the less clothing I have to take off the better). Once I'm on the trail and out of sight of our front door, I'll strip and drop my clothes into a pile right in the middle of the trail before starting my walk. I walk the entire trail in the nude, about a two-mile loop which usually takes 30 minutes. I always end these little jaunts by plopping myself on one of the park benches they've got along the trail and masturbating to thoughts of watching my prick-tease wife getting fucked by some of the neighborhood hubbies.

Yes, I am a pervert!

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  • Your sick get help.

  • I might be sick but at least I know how to spell.

  • I started my nude thing when I was 19 (im 28 now). At first it was just flashing by the window. Then I masturbated on the balcony. Later I also went to the wood and got all naked.

  • I’m 42, married and I love getting nude outdoors when and where ever I can. I’ve walked around our little town late at night naked, masturbating as I walk. I’ve also done nude hiking, where I also did nude yoga over looking a gorgeous valley and then masturbated till I sprayed my beautiful cum towards the amazing scenery.

  • You better hope no one takes your clothes. Walking home naked would be a horrible way for your wife to find out.

  • I often fantasize about returning to where I left my clothes to find they've been hidden away by a well-hung neighbor who forces me into sexual slavery lest he tell my wife EVERYTHING.

  • You would mind if a hot woman came by and said fuck me now! Thats my fantasy!

  • Join a nudist club

  • But here's the thing...I don't consider myself to be an exhibitionist. I'm always extremely careful of when and where I indulge my fetish. I do NOT want to be seen...let alone caught.

  • I can identify with the nudity part but not the risky creeping about part. Wife and I live nude and are avid active nudist at clubs and various destinations.
    The majority of friends are also nudist so thats how we party as well.

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