Neighboor Kids and the Hole in the Fence

In my old hourse there use to be a hole in the fence between our neighboor’s backyard and ours. Our neighboors would normally work in the day and their kids would come home and play outside after school. A brother and sister. During the summer I don’t know what came over me, but I started telling them stories of mushroom hunting. And about this rare mushroom that would grow the more you touch it, and if it squirted juice it would give you good luck. And ancient people use to suck on it like lolipops, before lolipops were a thing.

I said I spotted one a while before that story, but the moment I told anyone the mushroom was suddenly gone...and I never saw it again- ever.

The kids got so excited. And a week after that I set up a chair by the hole, put some soft rubber trimming(?) around it, and stuck my cock out around the time the kids got home. I waited for almost an hour when I suddenly heard one of them screaming about a mushroom. Suddenly after a few runnings doors shutting, I heard them whispering back and forth on just the otherside of the fence. The two began to dare each other to touch it, wondering if it was actually real. And the moment they did I felt myself harden almost instantly. Soft hands massaging, jumping in excitement when they saw my throb. They massaged it and hesitantly licked it, pausing as they talked more “It kinda looks like mine?” I heard one of the kids say. The sound of shorts unzipping was a bit noisy as they began to compare, the sister asking if theirs ever got that shape before. After a moment of silence the kids began to take turns licking and sucking, it was almost a few minutes until I squirted into somone's mouth, hearing them spit it into the grass. The other sibling getting upset tried to lick the rest off of me "You're wasting good luck! You didn't let me try!"

I came almost 8 times that day. The next few days I started talking to them about how some people can make good-luck juice too if they grew a mushroom. And nearly immediately the brother pulled down his pants. I went to his parents and scolded them about not watching their kids and teaching them terrible things. The boy was grounded for awhile as the parents apologized.

When he was ungrounded I told him that if he can't suck it, his sister might have a hole to put it into to help. But if his parents found out he'd be grounded again. So after school I watched from my window as the neighboor kids tried to fuck each other in the backyard while waiting for the mushroom grow from the fence again.

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