Bitch Wife

My wife turned 60 this year. People never believe she's 60 and accuse her of lying all the time. They think she's late forty early fifty. When we were younger around 40, she weighed around 110 or 125 pounds. Now that she's older, she's around 140 or 150. She still looks good to me, as most of that weight went to her tits. She has big D size tits now and I love it. She on the other hand thinks she's fat and refuses to have sex with me now. She won't go on vacation and she won't go swimming. She just says no one wants to see this fat old lady.

She has 2 daughters, 30 and 32. They belong to her exhusband who is not married. Their dad had surgery and had a catheter in. He needed them to remove it, but they refused. Somehow they convinced my wife to do it as she had seen his dick before. I didn't care for the idea, but my wife assured me she had no feelings for him as they had been divorced now for 22 years.

Evidently the next day when she went over to remove the catheter, he laid on the charm and my wife ended up giving him a blowjob. At least that's what she confessed to me. A couple days later I found out from her oldest daughter that they had fucked. So I questioned my wife, and sure enough she admitted to making a bad choice. She had felt sorry for him because he hadn't had sex in 6 years, so she decided to fuck him.

So she won't have sex with me because she thinks she's fat, but she fucked her exhusband because he hadn't had sex in 6 years. She justified it by saying we have sex more often than every 6 years. I am so pissed I want a divorce, and she can't understand why. She says it was only sex, and it was only to make him feel better. She claims she doesn't love him and it has never happened before or since. She says she could see me being upset if she had fucked someone new, but I shouldn't be upset over her fucking her ex, who had fucked her many times before. She claims there would be a big difference if she loved him, but she doesn't. She said it was just sex to help him out. I'm thinking about contacting my ex girlfriend and fucking her. Then tell her the same line of shit she keeps telling me. Well it was just sex.

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