Pee or fart while receiving oral sex?

I am a 65 year old married guy who has eaten a lot of pussy and sucked a lot of cock through the years. Quite a few of the women I have licked to orgasm have farted while cumming (and so happy that none ever defecated!) and a few have even started peeing while cumming. They were embarrassed because they started to pee in my mouth while cumming but I enjoy pee play so that was actually added pleasure for me. I take that as a compliment to my oral ability to please a woman to the point where she loses control. A few of the guys I sucked also farted while cumming. Wasn't a real bother but I did not consider it a compliment either. How many girls out there fart and pee during orgasm?


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  • I girl I used to sleep used to per everyone she had an orgasm. Like yourself, I liked this and was happy for her to pee in my mouth. She was quite self conscious about it but I told her to relax and I said I really enjoyed it. Communication is vital where these sort of thing happen.

  • Sorry spell is shit.

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