From Waitress To Hooker

I was working one night and was serving a man in his 40's. When I gave him his bill he put his credit card and a note on the tray. It said $150 for service when your off work. I didn't know what to think. I get flirted with a lot but this was a new one. He wasn't bad looking by any means. I took him back his card and wrote on his note. "I get off at 11" he looked at it and said I'll be waiting. When I got off he was there and said follow me. I was worried about where he was taking me. If I didn't like the looks of our destination I could keep driving. He pulled up at a Best Western. I felt better.
I parked by him and he said this way. He had rented a room. We went in and he asked if I'd like a shower after working all evening. I did. He joined me and we washed each other. His cock was real clean after I soaped it down real good. He was average build about 6 feet tall. He told me to lay on the bed. I laid down and he spread my legs and started licking my pussy. It felt great. I have been out with many guys from 14 to now 23 but had never been paid to enjoy it before. He asked me if I would suck him. I did and he came fast. He rolled off and we laid there watching TV. I was holding his cock while we were watching TV so that helped. The next fucking took long enough that I came too that time. I told him I have to get home. He said OK and thank you it was great, then he handed me $200.
He started coming to the restaurant 2 or 3 times a week and I was making more money after work than my husband made. He was paying good money so I let him do anything and everything he wanted to do with me - stuff I never let my husband do. One night he came in with 3 friends all around the same age as him. None of them were fat or ugly. He wrote a note "How much for all" I wrote $700. Him and his friends talked after I left. He shook his head yes. I asked same place. He said yes. I met them there and got fucked, double fucked, fucked while sucking., jacked off one while sucking and getting fucked in the ass. Every combo possible. It was great, and I got paid for it.
I finally told my husband I didn't love him anymore and it wasn't fair to him to stay married. I actually did love my husband but I just loved this more, and it wouldn't have been fair to him - he would have found out eventually and it would have hurt him worse than my leaving him did, anyway. Hard to explain my away from home hours.
I got a divorce and I'm escorting full time now. I have many clients. Word of my mouth spread and I spend more time in the motel than I do at home. I'm getting rich. I don't plan on doing this long and will buy my own small restaurant. I may service a few of them that have proven to be great sex partners. I like getting paid for getting a great fucking.


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  • I did some stuff similar, but I stayed with my husband and stopped when we started trying to have children.

  • You guys are so going to hell now.

  • Sister Mary Margaret. I think I was one of your clients dear. Would like to met so we can catch up and things. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. That and my wife doesn't fuck me anymore. Probably cause she knows I have been fucking whores again.

  • It happens, and more power to you for pulling it off. I know several of the hot waitresses and hostesses at the sports bar I go to at least did it here and there, and none had a problem with it. One, who was a hot-bodied blonde with killer blue eyes and, ok..Not incredibly bright, had an older, overweight guy go in just for her, sit at her table, alone, and she'd sit with him and at some point, money was exchanged (not the bill to her, right into her pocket). People started putting two and two together, word got around, and one night, she admitted. Yes, I let him fuck me and he pays me. And he has friends who've done the same thing. I fuck for money.

    Another one, a bartender, was hot, beautiful, and always in need of money, so certain guys would go in for food, maybe a few beers, but weren't regulars. They went in to schedule with or pay her. She was another one who it was easy to figure out before she came out with it. Yes, I have guys who pay me to fuck and I have no problem saying I'm a hooker and bartender. I am.

    Guys would proposition or come close with most of the girls there, including one of the hottest, most damn beautiful hostesses I've ever seen. And she was freshly 18 years old. Look like she was 25, 26, but she was not far removed from turning 18. She was one of my favorites, and I kept a lot of guys away from her after she told me about a direct proposition one night. Said an older guy who kept coming to the hostess stand and asking questions finally asked her bluntly..Want to fuck me for money? He didn't care that she was 18. She did.

  • My heart goes out to all the broken people who need to hear God's message. He loves you all and is just waiting for you to ask him to help. I was a broken down person who was walking the streets as a sex worker. Yes I was a prostitute, a whore. He turned my life around and he can do the same if you only let him. He's waiting for you to call upon him. If he can save me and the horrible life I was living he can save anyone.

    Sister Mary Margaret
    God bless you each and everyone.

  • I just would love to fuck me a nun who once was a hooker. Hey sister Mary how much do you charger for around the world and a blow job. I bet that pussy is ready for a good fucking now.

  • My fantasy is to rape a nun over and over getting her knocked up and send her back with a baby. My shit is really hard now.

  • I will pray for you . I too was a prostitute. Looking for men's love. A young 18 year old that didn't know life could be better. I thought this was how life was. Going from customer to customer and alcohol and drugs to get me by during long lonely days and nights. It didn't have to be that way. I was lost in a world of darkness. It was an ugly world . A very sad and ugly world. A world without hope. I was used by men to fulfill their sexual fantasies . It left me broken and very scarred . Till one day a woman I didn't know spoke to me and told me of a way out. She told me of God's love and his son Jesus who came and gave his life that I may live with him for eternity. It was the message I was waiting for. It changed my life forever. I don't know who she was but she started me on my journey to a wonderful new life.

    The Lord loves you and is waiting for you to call upon him. It's that simple. Ask him to come into your heart and forgive you of your sins.

    Sister Mary Margaret
    Praise the Lord and God bless.

  • I'm a guy, and I love being paid for sex! The way I see it, if I suck a cock for cash that I wouldn't suck for free, then I'm a whore. As of now, I'm just a slut who gets paid occasionally. I like the feeling of confirmation I get from being paid- I must be good at SOMETHING if guys are paying for it, right? Also a lot of guys have found interesting ways to present the cash. One guy set me up for a gangbang, and they said they were going to stick tens to my body in jizz puddles, and that's what I would get paid(only the ones that stuck). Another guy got off on giving me a roofie, then abusing me, knowing I wouldn't remember the next day. I woke up with a butt plug jammed up my ass, holding in more cum than I would've said was possible and a wad of bills. He also video taped it so I got to see what he did to me. And there's always the cock that pokes through a gloryhole with a bill wrapped around it, like it's giftwrapped.

  • You need the message of love and our Lord. I too was a lowly hooker with no prospects. He changed my life forever. God loves us all and is waiting for us to call upon him. Stay safe my friend. The world is full of evil just lurking around the corner. Jesus loved even the prostitutes and wasn't afraid to be seen with them. Cause he truly cares and lives us.

    Sister Mary Margaret
    God bless you and keep you safe
    Call upon him and he will change your life.

  • Bull shit guys don't pay for faggots to suck and fuck. When they can get it for free. You must be so broke and starving to wrote that garbage. But HIV is for life and it's costly. If you stop paying it is easy you die.

  • Wow. Divorced but still loved him? BS

  • After 45 years of a basically lonely and disappointing marriage I confess that I survived mentally by utilizing ladies like you. I was always respectful and kind and I always got great service. I have not felt guilt or shame. The role of escorts in our society is a valuable thing. It is part of what makes the world go round and you are worthy of respect.

  • All fun and games until you catch something.

  • I am a married man, but I yearn to be slutty and get paid for pleasing men just like you did.

  • Go back to the panty posts fool

  • I do love panties too!

  • Great now get out of here.

  • You have no self esteem no morals. You cheated on your husband and became a problem in society. Most hookers have no choice. They do it for their drug habits or to support themselves and feed their kids. Most of them regretted what they have done. You have no excuse for what you done.

  • I also forgot to mention that a lot of women and young girls are forced into prostitution by pimps.

  • Do you wear a mask to help prevent the spread of Covid-19?

  • Entrepreneur, that’s what you are. Well done

  • Do what you gotta do but thats nasty.

  • Good little slut ;)

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