I am a Woman with an Extremely High Sex Drive

If my husband only knew, he'd absolutely shit. I never took a guy home in my life and never will. A very close friend of mine introduced me to a swingers club. I get in free because I'm a woman. That's my night out with the girls and I'm not required to come home that night as he thinks I'm out drinking and dancing with my girlfriends. I can have sex with a dozen men at the club if I want. I'm 5 feet 9 inches, 140 pounds with a DD cup size bra so I get all the sex I can handle. But I don't shit where I eat honey; my man makes a very comfortable living for us and often leaves town on business which also works out well for me. My husband is awesome in bed and gets the job done but he's good for twice a night at best. I masturbate several times a day then we have great sex when he gets home then I masturbate a couple times before I sleep. It's not my fault, it's just who I am.


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  • And then you woke up from this fantasy...… bwahahahaha

  • Still no harm trying with other men when your hubby is away or you need sex. All swingers clubs are meant for sex. I am a member of such a club and enjoy myself but with selected hung members. Recently the club has installed a glory-hole corner for the members. I often suck on 5 to 6 cocks before returning home. Another attraction is the Dark corner where a 5x5 ft room can accommodate about 10 persons standing, male and female to mingle and touch, fondle, grope, kiss at their liberty - costs $50 for 30 minutes. Love it!!

  • My wife just brings them home to fuck

  • The perfect woman! My wife does the same thing. She has a free pass to fuck as much as she wants whenever she goes out with the girls, travels without me or when I'm out of town. So long as it doesn't intrude on our regular lives. I absolutely love hearing her stories after too!

  • Ya those big tits always get you noticed. I hope you don't get an STD from being such a whore fucking so many guys.

  • Such a good little slut ;)

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