Men with small penis'

This is for all you men with small penis'. Like under 7 inches or so. My husband and I met in high school. He was a senior and I was a junior. I found him very interesting and a cute guy. He graduated and then I started dating him that summer. He was ashamed about his small penis. The first time we made love was in his car. It was a small back seat and he tried getting on top of me. Well when your penis is only about 4.5 inches that won't work. So I got on top of him and rode him. He was hooked after that. I knew he was mine. We continued to date. The first time we made love and got totally naked he didn't want me to look at his penis. I tried to make him feel good by telling him how good he felt and that he made me climax. We made love a lot. I started wearing dresses so I could just remove my panties and he either get on top of me or I ride him on the sofa in my basement of my parents house. I loved making him feel good. He wanted to fuck me all the time. I graduated from high school and by late summer I was pregnant. We got married and I soon found out he was having fantasies about me and other guys. He wanted to know about my past lovers all three of them and their sizes. I lied telling him they were all close in size. I don't know what happened but we drifted apart for a little time and I started sleeping with an old boyfriend. It lasted about 8 or 9 months. My husband eventually found out. He was so turned on that I was fucking someone else. He wanted to know all about it. I eventually told him the truth about my old boyfriend being much larger. That and he never has actually given me an orgasm. Now he wants me to start fucking my old boyfriend again. I told him that I don't wish to do that anymore. I asked him why can't he accept that I just love him and don't care how big his penis is. I really could care less. I do enjoy sex with him. No he's not the best lover or the biggest. To me I love other things about him. He's driving me nuts. Always wanting me to talk about big cocks and fucking guys with big cocks. I wonder if he is maybe bi sexual and wants to have a big cock himself. What is it with men who are small? What is it about wanting to see me with another lover? He is begging me to sleep with anyone and everyone. He says it really turns him on just thinking about me fucking another guy. What can I do to make him understand I don't want to be with another guy? He tells me that he's glade I had the affair. He thinks it has made our marriage better. I think he's crazy . I think if I actually fucked someone in front of him he would not like it one bit. He thinks he wants to see me do that. Just wish he would get some help about his size problem.


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  • As a man with a very small 3.75 inch dick. I have to say that when my wife is with a man who is well endowed my little cock gets so hard and I usually end up shooting my wad all over my fingers while she is still fucking them. I know I can never give her what larger men can. But I love watching her on a huge fat cock. I just do. I told my wife that I know I'm a weirdo but she said most men want to see their wives and girlfriends with other men. Anyhow I think it's awesome and actually I'm very proud of my small package. I have enjoyed blowjobs and fucking other ladies too. Man that is a hoot.

  • You fucking pathetic little CUCK! I love fucking your wife while you watch and jerk off. Plus I would make you get on your knees along with your wife and enjoy getting a hummer from you both. Maybe you'd like to swallow my huge load of semen or clean my cock after I fill your wife full of my seed. I love it when a husband and wife both worship me as a superior man. Now get on your knees you little punk ass bitch. Take my cock in your hand and start licking the length of my 9.5 inch fat cock. Start sucking taking turns with your wife and watch you both fight to get my load. I will make your wife clutch the bed sheets and cry out loudly as I fuck her sweet pussy with my monster dick. Let me know if you want to actually hook up for a night or couple days I can rock both your little pathetic lives and give you both the pleasure and fun you seek. Jay F.

  • I've been in a few MFM situations where they invited me in specifically because I have a very large penis and Ive learned alot about that kind of situation from them. I think some guys who are average or small like to live vicariously through guys with big dicks and sort of experience the benefits of it themselves, like how girls react to first seeing it, and how extra size almost always feels better and gets a stronger reaction from women while they're riding it, and how bigger cocks like mine are generally more visually appealing.

  • What you say is true to a certain extent. My husband actually loves seeing a much larger man. It turns him on. He also loves seeing me enjoying a large penis. I love to make him happy by sucking or fucking men with large sexy cocks. I'm glad he enjoys it and gets something out of it.

  • My cock is so fucking huge. It's enormous . The only problem I have is the scared little bitches who change their minds about sex once they see it. They run screaming for their lives. They say they want big ones but they are just liars. All of them.

  • Don't look here the joke is in your hand, 😁 sound familiar?

  • It's a proven fact that men who brag about the size of their cocks. Are actually hung like stud field mice. And brag about panty dropping cars they supposedly own!

  • LoL I like it.

  • I've got a nice big hard cock for you sweety. Forget about your hubby. He's got a tiny pathetic dick that will never be able to satisfy your needs. Give me a call and I will take you places you've not been before. I'll take you to a nice wonderful expensive dinner. Then to a show and finally a really nice hotel for non stop hot sex. You won't regret it. My credit card might but my cock will have us both smiling ear to ear.

  • It's true. Having a small penis does weird shit to a man's mind. He'll never get over this. He'll never stop wanting you to cuck him. And he'll never be able to accept HIMSELF for what he is. That's what's going to sink your relationship.

  • Yes I'm seeing this. I guess I'll just have to give him what he wants. A lifetime of knowing his cock can't ever please me. A lifetime of me fucking men with much bigger cocks . I guess I will just have to endure this hardship. Oh well if he wants me to tease him and tell him I need bigger dicks then I guess I will just do it. But he never ever complain when I'm taking a larger cock . I will go off on him. I should make him at least clean my cum filled test though. That's the least he can contribute to this relationship. Don't you think?

  • Well I decided to give in and do what he wanted. There was an old friend of mine that we never had sex but I always wanted to. So on his birthday I invited my friend over. He watched us dance and kiss. Then I got on my knees and pulled his cock out going down on him. He took me to the bedroom and continued by undressing me. My husband watched silently as he finished by fucking me. All was good for about a week. Now my husband is driving me crazy asking if I liked George's cock better and if I would rather be with him. Not a day goes by the talk doesn't turn to him asking me if I want to be with George rather than him. I got so mad at him. I told him that while I enjoyed George's larger cock I'd rather be with him. I didn't marry a penis. Why can't he understand this. Why? 😑πŸ˜₯

  • A few reasons:
    1. Your hubbie is emotionally I’m AU
    2. He is insecure
    3. Honestly, and this is just my opinion based on what your written he’s a loser

    Sorry but I think I’m pretty close to being 100% accurate on this one.

  • Thanks so much for confirming what I guess I've always known. Want to hook up and give me a good fucking? How big is your cock? If a woman bring a large penis shaped dildo and a strap on. 🀣

  • Why is everybody talking about size. Women may crave larger but medically speaking the nerves in the female vagina are closer to the outside of the vagina than deep. The G spot is about 2-3 inches inside the vagina. That is where the mushroom head of the penis should be going back and forth stimulating it for the best orgasm. When you're not sexually aroused, your vagina is about two to four inches long (or deep). When you're aroused, it can stretch to four to eight inches deep. Guys that are longer than that can cause pain for women if they go too far.

  • Yes but for some women who've never had a big one its merely curiosity or fascination. And the pleasure that we receive is half created by our minds sometimes, so its mind over matter to be honest.

  • Well then you will love me! I'm hung like a stud field mouse.

  • More like hung like a fucking baby mouse. You cra cack me up mousey poo.

  • Yes hes a cuck and it has been influenced by his size.I experienced it with my hubby.I married him by my early 20's and out of all of my 7 lovers by 21 he was the smallest.I had to lie and say he wasnt the smallest and I hated big ones.Our sex life was actually great to begin with but his fantasy grew with help from porn and cuck sites.He got more into using toys on me.Big dildos and so on.I used to say I hated them but gave in when I saw how turned on it got him and in all honesty they fucking felt so good.At some point he started talking about a threesome and I just played along but then asked if he really wanted to fuck another girl?He shocked me when he said "another guy to fuck you." I was really shocked but intrigued and after talking it all made sense. Especially him saying the guy would have to be very big.
    So anyway he pestered me for months until I said "ok sure let's do it."
    He had already been chatting to 3 guys online and introduced me to then who I got to know,along with being sent several dick pics.They were all above 8 inches and very girthy.

  • I dated a guy for a while that had a big dick., He wasn't gentile with it at all, After our first time he wanted sex all the time, I was always sore.
    The guy I'm seeing now is more on the average side and we have a fantastic sex life.

  • Suck my average cock you dirty little cock whore. Lick my balls and my man pussy while your at it.

  • My Aunt's Cougar friend Karen would flirt with me since I was 14. Always knew I had a big penis but the boys at the Y said mine was just big soft, and developed early. I didn't know my aunt told Karen I was a total freak of nature. Karen is married and in all sorts of church activates, 2 kids in college.
    On my 18th birthday she gave me a blowjob. She told me it's huge and those boys at the Y didn't know dick and are jealous. And don't stick it all the way into a virgin. She gave me 4 more BJ's. Always her idea -- not that I didn't love them.
    She'd do it her car on a dirt road, once outside her on her knees topless -- me naked.

  • Your a fucking Karen dick face. Lick my hairy ass and balls twinkle toes cock sucking bitch. TY! Have a nice day . Cock breath.

  • It does work for some but I've been around long enough to tell you it does not work out well for others. Sometimes guys get hit with emotions they were not expecting when they finally do watch there woman getting fucked.

  • Hes a cuckold
    Nothing wrong with it.
    I would love to help you out.
    Trust me it spices upand makrs married sex better.
    My wife goes out with other men and tells me about it.
    We have awesome sex

  • Help me out? Like what? Tell me more please. πŸ’‹

  • Give your husband a real thrill. Let him watch you getting my big sexy black cock in your hot married white pussy. Plus you will also get one good fucking you won't soon forget.

  • Piss off you rude prick

  • Smart out my man pussy with your fucking pointy snake tongue. You could use your mouse dick if you like. Karen!

  • Another tiny white man with a mouse dick. Go play in the street while a real man talks with the ladies. They don't want to hear from you. They want a real man with a nice dark thick dick to take care of them properly. Fuck off you ineffectual piss ant. Power to the black cock. We are going to use our huge tools to create a new race of people and erase all white culture from the planet.

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