I want to fuck my neighbour so badly

I’m 21 and he’s in his early 40s too

i always wear short skirts or low cut tops whenever i go see him, and i see him a lot because our cats play together.

it’s so hard to try and be too sexy though because i live with my partner, and i don’t want him getting suspicious.
and i want him to be the one that can’t take anymore and shoves me inside and bends me over his lounge, i want to feel his cock pounding into me over and over again until i can’t walk straight.

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  • Do it! Do it now! 😂

  • Don't do it. I did and now her father is going to kill me while I sleep. I knew she was way to young. But seeing that bare naked pussy made me loose my mind. Can I plead insanity ? I probably should turn myself into the local LEO before he does something. Man I sure enjoyed that little things pussy.

  • He's too fucking old honey. I had a crush on an older man. I was 27 and he was 44. It was fun to start out. But I found out he couldn't keep up with me. He even went to his Dr. for the blue pill. Yeah even then after taking two 40 minutes before he still had trouble. Have your fun and then dump him. I'm now 42 myself and fucking a 19 year old hot sexy hunk each night. Life is good 👅

  • What is not being said is the fact it is a guy in a dress who wants to fuck his neighbor. If it was a girl she would have fucked him already.

  • What?

  • Hey stupid what he said

  • Fuck him.

  • Fuck you Karen🤣

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