Sex Slave 3

As I have said before, my husband has made me a sex slave. I love being his sex slave and it really turns me on performing for my husband. The other nite he had 7 friends over and he had me put on a sexy outfit and dance for his friends. He then told them to order me to do whatever they wanted me to do. One friend had me lick all of their balls with my tongue. Then I had to slowly lick their cocks and I had to do it for about an hour. One of his friends had me rub our dogs cock. This turned me on knowing they were getting turned on by watching what I was doing. His friends edged me on telling me what to do. They wanted me to rub the dogs cock and then one friend told me to put my mouth on the dogs cock. They then proceeded to tell me to suck off the dog. I took my time and I was really getting turned on doing this nasty thing. I sucked on the dogs cock for about 20 minutes before they told me to make the dog cum in my mouth. I did as I was told and sucked the dogs cock until it came in my mouth and then I showed it to my husbands friends. They even took pictures of me sucking the dogs cock. I then had to suck off each one of my husbands friends and let each one jack off all over my mouth and face. I was so turned on after that, that I masturbated right there in front of them.


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  • I love to suck dog cock.
    I have done it first as a young girl together with my best friend.
    I have never been fucked by a dog but i Have sucked off some.

  • Your a good girl!

  • Let them cum in your mouth?

  • That sounds hot as fuck. May I ask what country you live in?

  • USA, do you like how my master treats me? I love it. I will do anything that he asks of me, and I mean anything....

  • Yes, I love how your master treats you and can only wish we were friends so I can cum see your sexy self in person. What a hot lady you are keep up the sexy stories. I love them.

  • Yes I like what I am hearing. I wish I knew your master so I could see this all for myself x

  • My master wont let me post that. I am his slave and I do what he tells me to do. I love being a sex slave for my master. I will do anything he orders me to do.

  • Wish you could suck my cock many times

  • Wish i could to, I love sucking on cocks. Especially when they cum in my mouth.

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