Anyone else unable to resist urges

I'm unable to resist the urge to touch little girls while they sleep and have even planned a rape. I've touched my baby daughters vagina and I'm sure if it would fit then I'd have raped her by now. This only happens when I smoke crack or sniff cocaine. Just wanna know I'm not alone



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  • I kill you so slow your dead momma will feel the pain in hell before you go there to join her. I want to rape your asshole will a wooden table leg with nails sticking out from all angles. Yes you will enjoy my home made toys I create just for you. I will stick and airline up your ass and turn the air on watching your stomach expanding. Plenty more to follow you sick freak.

  • I really understand you we should get together. We could help each other out. You see I have urges to kill fucking deviants like yourself in the most painful of ways imaginable. Oh yes let me show you how I would kill you so slowly that you pray to fucking Jesus I will cut off your head and shove it up your stretched open asshole so you can see inside your big intestine. But first I will yank off all your finger and toes nails with a pair of vise grips. Then I will cut off your fingers at each joint using a pair of dikes. This will just be the start of our fun together . I love to think of fun ways to torture freaks like you who fantasize about children. I haven't even gotten to all the fun we can have with a propane torch and hot soldier. Does this sound good to you? I hope the fuck it does and you reply to me so we can hook up. I will build a torture rack and chamber just for you. Let the fun begin. You will wish you were William Wallace when I am done. I promise that you will live a long time before it all ends. When you do reach hell you will tell them your not afraid as hell is where you just were. Lets play you sick fucker.

  • All of us should just report posts regarding children and not give them the pleasure of a reply.

  • Get help you sick fuck

  • When I do cocaine I get really horny and kinky. I’m not into little girls. I’m a straight male and I get horny I cocaine I would even fuck a man or be fucked. When I’m on cocaine I turn into a different person. I’ll cross dress and stick dildos in my ass but when I’m not high I have no desire to to any of this. Be careful u don’t something you will regret.

  • I regret it already after being caught with pictures of young girls

  • You wanna get high with me? (Lance)

  • Get help now

  • You won't be alone in prison.

  • Hope karma cut off your dick!

  • Then dont smoke crack. Theyre still babies for god sake. Just fuck your wife. Babies are not sex toys! Fuck men like u!

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