Sex finally

20 years ago when I bought my house, my realtor lady was hot as fuck. She is and was a classy rich horse farm girl. I wanted to fuck her back then, especially after she came over to my house one night to have me signed papers for the house I was buying. It was late October, so chilly outside. She didn't have a coat on, only a sweatshirt. She didn't have a bra on, and when she stepped in the house I saw her hard nipples right away. From that day forward I wanted to fuck her. It never happened, not even a show, nothing. I never spoke to her again, but hear she had gotten into drugs really bad and her husband divorced her. Last week I was in the grocery store and I ran into her. She had cleaned herself up and was looking nice again. Classy farm girl look with a V cut neck shirt on. She was ahead of me in checkout, and everytime she bent over to get something out of the cart, I could see everything she had. Her hangers were in clear view and I was enjoying every minute. Her tits were still nice, even after 20 years. She hadn't noticed me at first, but then realized her tits were on full view everytime she bent over. She also noticed I was looking and went to give me a dirty look, at which point she recognized me. Instead of the dirty looks she quickly changed to "HI, how are you". We struck up a conversation and talked while I helped her load her groceries into her car. I only needed a case of Coke, so I didn't have much. We stood there and talked, ignoring the fact I had checking out her tits. As I went to leave, I decided to apologize for what I had done. She just laughed and commented that I had always liked her tits. She caught me many times 20 years ago. Then she asked if I still liked them. I said I did. She let me know she was single and if I followed her to her house, she would show me more. I was so excited my dick got hard immediately. I followed her to her house, helping her put away the groceries and followed her to the bedroom. 20 years later and I finally got to fuck her. Her tits were not as nice and perky as they were 20 years ago, but they were still nice. I'm still fucking her.

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  • It still feels like a victory to get that pussy you'd wanted, even if it is 20 years later. Still fucking her pussy is even better!

  • Our lazy realtor would just give us the keys and tell the people to be out of the house for and hour. To see if it felt right we'd get naked, wife and I, and have sex in their master bedroom. Once we could see the owners in their car at the curb while we're fucking away. I also dicked her in a furniture store sample bed,
    It was huge store that had old school elevator operator. He told us to pick up the phone when we wanted to come down. Elevator would ding every time it hit a floor,. We heard it go ding ding ding ding -- one more ding and we're so busted, but it stopped on the floor below us.
    The things you remember from 40 year ago.

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