Loving my fat ass

I gained the "quarantine 15" and then some. The combination of gym being closed, limited mobility (at least in the beginning) and stress eating left me with a flabby gut, thick thighs, and man boobs. My jeans are too tight and most of my shirts rise up my belly. The only thing that's comfortable to wear are XL shirts and sweatpants. At first I was mortified, but now?

Fuck it. Fat pig for life. I'm going full gainer. Anyone looking for a feedee?

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  • You naughty fatty

  • I am a naughty fatty. What would you do to me if you could?

  • I'm a sucker for huge thighs, plump pecs, and heavy bellies. So there would lots of belly stuffings and blow jobs, body worship and sex, and I would still encourage you to eat clean and exercise cause muscle chubs are the yummiest (if thats a word..haha)

  • Oh, that is exactly what I want. I like being strong as much as I like being fat, and to have someone feed me and worship me and make me fatter AND stronger at the same time, all with blow jobs and sex?

    I am incredibly turned on right now.

  • Just because you got a little wet doesn't mean you have to drown yourself.

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