Is it common for sisters to want to fuck their brothers

I'm just curious because my sister has slept in bed with me a couple times now that we are adults and both times she wore a t-shirt and no bra and only a thong I just thought it was a little questionable

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  • It's not uncommon.

  • I think brother's and sister's do have thoughts about being sexual with each other, some acting upon their feelings. I at 14 would go to my younger sister's room at night and touch her, she on her own would open her legs, allowing me to slide my hard penis back and forth in her vagina opening until I had cum on her belly. I also put my mouth on her vagina. She never touched me back sexually. After doing this for several months, she came into my room one day when our parents were away and closed the door. She stood next to me lying in bed, opened her bath robe and let me to put my finger in her for the first time. That quickly led to her getting onto my bed where I started to slide my hard penis back and forth in her vagina. This time though, she took my penis and put the head at her vagina opening. I pushed forward with her saying it hurt, I stopped only to have her say don't. We had intercourse all day, with me cuming in her. We fuck each other all the time now, I no longer cum in her though. We are still both teenagers, she now getting her breast. We like doing it and I feel this has given us both something very special. Once my mom caught me looking at her naked when she was 11, but really didn't seem to care, saying "girl's are pretty aren't they". I looked at her with a smile and she said, "girl's are very special to a boy, treat them like they are and they'll let you touch them". That was true, I always treated my little sister as though she was special.

  • I have sexual thoughts about my sister and I would really love to fuck her! It's something I should of done in the past but I bottled it and I feel regret.

  • I wouldn't worry about what is common or uncommon. Just do what's right for you and your sister. Next time she is in bed with you put your hard cock against her bum and see if she backs into you. You will soon know if sex is on the cards!

  • Why don't you pull the thong aside and stick you cock inside her if she lets you then your ok you obviously what to fuck her admit it and get on with it

  • I agree, sometimes you can over think things. If I had the opportunity I would definitely fuck my sister!

  • There are many siblings who have sex. It is normal.

  • Why is your sister sharing your bed doesn't she have her own bed ?
    let us know

  • My sister used to share my bed even though she had her own bed.

  • Why don't you put her on her back and try to stick your dick inside her, you will know for certain one way or the other

  • I'd be sliding that thong to the side and sliding my hard cock into your sister's pussy. I'd pull up her t-shirt so I could see her tits too.

  • Yes, I know if I had a sister I'd at least masturbate with her...

  • The simple answer is yes!

  • I believe it's the hidden truth. Most brothers and sisters consider fucking at some point in their lifes.

  • Yes it common and more common than people think. I'm assuming you want to have sex with your sister? So you need to test the waters and see if she is interested. You have to make sure that you aren't miss reading this situation because alot of girls don't wear s bra in bed, so see if she will cuddle up to you in bed is a good start and tell her you love her being in your bed. Ask her if she may be a bit warm with her T-shirt on and see what her reaction is. Obviously spoon her and let her feel that you are hard if you are brave enough and you will definitely get your answer!

  • I fuck my brother alot. He is the best lover I ever had. I'm 27 he's 30. We share a 2 bedroom apartment. But most nights we end up in the others bed. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend, but we seem to fuck each other more then with them.

    I guess we are in love. We don't like being apart.

  • That's hot.

  • How can I know if she is going to be into it I don't want to try something and duck up our family because she says no

  • Cuddle up against your sister and let feel that you are hard. Sometimes you have to be brave.

  • You should just become a couple.

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