My cousin had sex with me

So when I was about 15 and my cousin was 18 (me being a girl and him being a boy) we had sex. It started when he was driving me to his house and we talked about sexual relations. Now I’ve always wanted to have sex with him since we would always touch each other but nowhere inappropriate, but while we were driving he realized that I was horny and that’s when everything went down.

So when I get to his house he tells me that he’s going to the bathroom, but when I pass by I heard him masturbating. It was very obvious because the door was slightly open. I knew that we always wanted to have sex so I opened the door and acted surprised. He was super embarrassed and when I went to his room after he told me that he wanted to have sex with me. So he pulled down his pants and I went down on him. I put both my hands on his penis and started to give him a blowjob. He moaned a lot but since there was no one in the house I was ok with it. I continued to suck him off until he told me to stop. After a couple days pass we get closer.

So after that we start doing it more often. My favorite time was when he introduced me to semen. Now I was familiar with semen but I never tasted it. So he tells me “ we’re going to my house and I want you introduce you to something new” so when I arrive at his house he pulls down his pants and once again I start stroking and sucking his penis until I feel a viscous liquid in my mouth. I was really surprised and scared. He told me to swallow it as it is nothing bad and he told me that it was just a way of saying I pleasured him. After he came in my mouth I still wanted to lick his penis so I started licking his tip and then more semen cane out.

Another good time was when he introduce me to anal. Now he taught me how to masturbate and where to rub my g-spot. He talked to me about expanding my anus. So at my house I started fingering my butthole as well. And when I go to my cousins house like always I get him hard by rubbing my C cups all over his penis. Then he told me to take off my jeans and to bend over for him. So when I took off my jeans I was just left in my panties and he bent me over his kitchen counter top and moved my panties out of the way. I felt a pain in my back but then I realized that he penetrated me. Now the first time I did anal I didn’t really enjoy it but over time we tried it more and more and eventually I liked it a lot more. Especially after my parents divorced and I spent most of my time at his house and he would pretty much practice on me since I was fine with that. I really liked how his semen tasted and it reminded me of honey. I don’t know if what I did was wrong but I had the time of my life and sometimes we still have sex I’m 20 right now and he is 23 so it’s legal now and it’s still amazing. He helps me in bad days by fucking me and vice versa


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  • My mothers pussy stinks! Pee fucking you. Smells like a whore house at low tide or is that high tied well either one. It fucking stinks.

  • It wasn’t pee it was cum

  • It's only rape if he didn't ask your daddy first. You do live in West Virgini don't ya?

  • So what I fucked your cousin the other night. Nothing special at all.

  • It was no rape. She asked for it. In a similar case of mine, though I did not fuck her, she was enjoying my eating her pussy and exposed her pussy lips as wide as possible while twitching on her budding nips by her fingers . I concentrated on her little clit and took hold of it including her piss slit into my mouth to suck deep. She was whimpering and moaning as suddenly she started shivering and released spurts of pee into my mouth as she reached waves of orgasms. OMG! what a an exciting salty and a bit sweet taste. She drew me closer and started to stroke my cock to ejaculation!!

  • I love getting eaten out!

  • Me Too sit on my face. I'm 5ft 3in and 270 lbs of hot sticky fun. Do you like fat chicks?

  • Who doesn't!! Lol

  • That is so hot. I don’t suppose you would send me any pics of yourself

  • Family sex is always hot!

  • I can't imagine anyone would send any pics lol

  • A 38c cup is a perfect size boobs to me. I nice handful, very firm when young, yet not as much sag as larger sized tits often when older.

  • Girls or women like there ass lick
    And pussy eat ing and to fuck they like when we put are toung in side there tight ass

  • Lovely!!

  • Why don't you eat my hairy smelly cunt and lick the dingle berries from my asshole hairs. I'd love that. Fuck now I'm excited again. I love this fucking place. Yippy Ki yeah! YaHOOO!

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