Cum in food

My friend doesn't have too much so he appreciates it when I bring him the occasional hamburger or submarine. What he doesn't know is that he's been eating my cum for years! I did it for a thrill once but when I got away with it I just kept doing it over and over! He's not gay and neither am I. But it turns me on to watch him, my friend, eat loads and loads of my cum! He doesn't seem to notice and he's always sure to thank me for the free food! So I do it again and again and again and...

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  • Either he has no taste or this is bull shit. You are not gonna feed cum to someone without noticing. And what you claim to be doing is illegal idiot. If he blew your brains out I would feel sorry for him not you.

  • Mixed in an omelette and serve ... Tastes delicious!

  • Just fuck him in the mouth why don't you

  • I have been cumming in my mother's morning smoothie since I was 14, now 16. She has said i make the best smoothies. I have hundreds of video in her workout gear drinking them I jerk off to them. Mom has great tits, and when I turned 15 she started wearing revealing clothes all the time in front of me. I wonder if she knows and want to fuck me.

  • AHHHHHHbullshit ops I sneezed allegoric to bull shit

  • I want a smoothie yum

  • Hot!

  • I do the same thing only to my wife and her friends. I can't even count how many people have eaten my cum

  • Are you sure you do not feel a same sex attraction towards him?

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