My Huge cock finally found a woman to love

Most guys think having a huge cock, like mine is (almost 12 inches and very thick) is a great thing. Well it not. Most women just can not take a cock that size. They think they can take it, but all screamed in pain as I push in. Also their pussy's feel to tight it almost hurts my cock.

I'm not gay, but for most of my life, I'm 25, I had turned to gay men, for sexual release. Most are in agony and cry or scream from me fucking them, but they seem most feel they aren't really gay if reject my cock. Their asses are just not deep enough to take me. It scares me when I cum and pull out and their asses are bleeding. I was 15 when I first did anal to a man, he was a 25 year old Latina, after 5 minutes he begged me to stop but kept fucking him until I came in him. His ass bled so much I left him on the bed that way. I was underage, so he never called the cops.

Two years ago, I finally met a woman, Gloria who can handle my size. She black and 60 years old, BTW I'm white. She is fat 280 lbs and 5' 5", I really love the sex and being with her. Her belly is large and her tits huge. I have fallen in love with her. Gloria is a widow with no kids and lives in the apartment next to mine.

I know there is a big age gap, but when we are together, the world disappears for us. For the 3 months of the lockdown we are always together and naked. Gloria's body turns me on so much I'm constantly holding her fat rolls especially during sex. I've masturbated every night as she sleeps hold her fat belly. She knows I can't resist her and does everything to make me hard.

Having sex with her 5 times a day is normal. I love eating her pussy as she sits on my face she squirts from oral, I almost drown from the amount.

And she cums so hard from regular sex and from anal, which is her favorite. Gloria's pussy and ass are both very deep. My cock fits perfectly. Also no woman or man has ever deep throated me, but she can.

I want to marry her, I finally have someone who I can fuck and not hurt during sex.


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  • I'm a 32 year old married mum and the biggest cock I ever had was the fourth one ever.I was 20 at the time and it was well over 9 inches.I was shocked at the size and was worried it wouldn't fit in me but I still managed to take it all.
    Sex during lockdown with hubby has been crap and I craved that big cock again so I hooked up with him.

  • My huge cock has found a woman to love. What is you woman's name I don't want to get it wrong. Have a nice day. Think of her on my 10.75 inch 7.4 inch girth boner. I know you are turned on just thinking about us fucking or her wrapping her sweat lips on my bone. Thank you!

  • Oh well, I was going to withhold my comment until I read all the others. Afterward I determined that it all is a huge crock of shit. I am no young dude. I've been every where, done every thing, and am completely thrilled that my cock is ONLY, yeah, ONLY about 6 1/2 inches but I have never been turned down for my cock being to small. Too, ask any doctor, especially one who does surgery on women. I've had many tell me that 8 inches is the maximum any woman can take because of her uterus, where the ovum, embryo and fetus are developed, and the womb also present, and anything applying pressure there is going to cause pain and discomfort. Ask a woman, if she says she can take in excess of 8 inches, SHE IS LYING, or ends up in surgery for costly and extended repair. And believe me, I have never had a desire to have sex with another male. I am strickly a ladies man.

  • This is a true fact that most guys bragging about the size of their cocks actually are hung like a stud field mouse!!😭

  • My group of friends consists of 5 white guys, 7 black guys, and 3 Mexicans. I am white and I have the biggest dick by far. Most everyone else has about the same size except for 1 of the Mexicans who is small. When we have parties we tend to get a lot dirty and play sex games. Any woman who is new will typically gravitate to the black guys thinking they have large dicks. That is until they see me. Then they forget about everyone else. My dick is king.

  • King of all the rats. Yup you beat the stud field mouse guy and now are up to a stud rat.

  • Racist! You go right to describing everyone color. You are part of the problem you fucking racist piece of dog shit. You see me as a skin color first. You wouldn't just say hey that is my friend Fernando over there. Try and talk about people without having to bring up their color. I don't tell my friends that someone is white. They have eyes.

  • You are truly a king Dick aren't you. Or just a big dickhead.

  • My wife said her ex was this size,around 10 inches and she never could take it,mostly because they were young and he was inexperienced and didnt know how to use it.Plus she was alot smaller and tighter then.She said when he used to push it all the way it felt like it was jabbing right into her abdomen.
    15 years later and after 3 kids it's a different story.My 6 inches does nothing for her.I asked if she was able to would she have her ex again.She said yeah just for old times sake and to see if she could manage it.

  • I know what you mean. I am 11.5 inches and about as girthy as my wrist. When most my friends were having sex, I was scaring the girls off. Everyone wants to see how big I am, but no one wants to try taking me. I was in college by the time I lost my virginity. Even then most women only wanted to see it, or would say fuck no after we got naked. The few women who did take it, only took about half before maxing out. It's like some normal guy fucking with only the head of his dick all the time. It's not very pleasurable, trust me. I did fuck a slut a few years after I graduated from college. She took the most, but still didn't take it all. I have never fully penetrated a woman and I'm 48 yrs old now.

  • AhhhhhBULLSHIT just sneezed laughing 😂

  • My ex-wife had a body like a super model. But I never enjoyed sex with her that much. 4 years ago I divorced her. And six months later I met a fat girl with a pretty face.

    I fell in love from our first kiss. Sex is fucking incredible, she can't get enough and is a complete whore. She does every disgusting and perverted thing I ask her to do. When she cums she squirts like a fire hose.

    Nothing is out of bounds, public sex, bondage, making her wet herself is public. Animals sex she blows and fucks our dog while I watch, group sex, public masterbation, she willingly blows me on the beach.

    I love her so much.

  • Hard not to being she's a biggen

  • Sounds like she is about 42-39-56 size to me.

  • Jesus-H-Christ that's a huge one. Holy Fucking Shit! Hope you don't fly anywhere she will need two seats. That's two tickets plus yours. In a crash that seat will tear away from the airframe and she and the seat will take many lives on the ground if over a populated area. Or create another grand canyon .

  • I think you right. She is large.

  • Fat is more like it. Elephant probably.

  • Congratulations.

  • For what finding a chunky monkey to play hide the salami with. Gag me with a spoon no thank you.

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