I must say I got your attention.
Never In my life has this happened to me before. I stopped at the grocery store to get some ribeyes for the grill. My wife left me a few months back, bitch was crazy anyway. I been living the single life thinking I probably wouldn't get laid forever. I'm at the store and run into a girl I knew in highschool. She was cute back then but super fucking hot now. She wouldn't date me back in highschool because I wasn't her type. We strike up a conversation and she tells me she's back in town to take care of her sick mother. I invited her over for the grill out and she excepted. She gets to my house, we eat, have wine, and sit next to the fire pit. It's getting late and chilly so I grab a blanket and she snuggles in next to me. We started kissing and before long, I have my hand up her shirt feeling her tits. We fucked right there in the backyard. Now we are dating. So this girl who wouldn't date me in highschool because I wasn't her type is now dating me.

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  • People change since high school. Unless they're idiots.

  • That’s cause she sees you as a meal ticket now, you know that. Fuck her a few times then dump that gold digging ho. She’s still fucking other guys and laughing at you.

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