What the hell (at the pool)

Las Vegas is back open, and my boyfriend and I went on vacation for a few days at one of the hotels. They had a big pool and let's just say that no one was social distancing. It was crowded.

We were in bikini/swimwear and taking in some sun while drinking margaritas. My boyfriend was a little drunk, so was I, and we were in the mood for a quickie fuck. I asked the people around us if they would mind, and they said, "We don't care, go ahead."

We put a beach towel over us to be discrete, but it was kind of obvious what we were doing when I was getting pounded from behind.

Some fucking security guy came over and made us stop before we could get off. WTF? He said we were generating complaints, but shit, we weren't like trying to put on a show. We were just needing to fuck. If that isn't normal as a human, I don't know what is. Security needs to chill the fuck out.

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  • No woman gets a quickie bitch....only whores have holes for quickies

  • To bad neither of you had a car that you could fuck in.

  • What the hell do you think your hotel room is for?

  • White trash, spreading COVID and herpes.

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