Ad for tied up wife

Every once in a while ads are real.
I read one last month, husband wanted someone with a huge one to come over and use is wife, had a picture of a woman bound with her knees up and legs spread. Her description was very petite woman needs huge cock. So I replied and received a response fairly quickly and about half an hour later I was pulling into a driveway.
I rang the bell and a guy looking very oriental opened the door and told me to come inside, I am six foot five so he was staring up at me and smiling a lot. He told me numerous times that I was a big man and to follow him, he took me right to the bedroom and there she was just like in the picture. I looked back at him and asked him if giving her oral first was okay, I had not licked pussy in a few months and her smooth waxed or shaved one was looking very good.
I undressed and got up on the bed, I put my tongue right on her pussy and licked her up and down a few times while I got comfortable, she began making small gasping sounds thru her gag, she was blindfolded but after hearing me talking to her husband seemed really turned on. I slid my fingers up to her nipples and began playing with them alternating with light caresses and little pinches. She had her first orgasm very quickly but I was still very thirsty for pussy so I continued licking her thru her next one.
I lifted myself up and spread my legs around her hips, I laid my cock on her and began just sliding it along her lips getting it hard, her husband had a very surprised look on his face and smiled at me. I am about nine inches long with plenty of girth, one old girlfriend nicknamed it Goliath. I began pushing into her slightly and she let out a high pitched gasp as my head slid in a few inches. I backed in and out until she was moaning then gave her a little at a time.
She was not even deep enough for my whole cock as I felt the tip bottom out on her, she was spread out good now and moaning with every thrust, I was enjoying how tight she was and kept on going for about ten minutes. I looked over at her husband and he really seemed to be enjoying watching so I gave her a few hard thrusts to make her moan a little more.
I wanted to lick her some more so I pulled out and went down on her again diving my tongue down into her gaping pussy lips, he never told me to stop so I licked her for a while. I came back up and plunged right into her thrusting until I felt my orgasm coming on, pulled out and came all over her torso. Her husband was smiling really big and told me Wow, you are huge, I squeezed out the rest of my cum then slid back into her for some light pumping just for fun.
I left and told him anytime he needs me to come over I am available but I have never heard from him again.

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