Tiny cock

My husband of 10 years is not very blessed down there.
He is and yes i have measured. 4 inches on a good day and not big around.
Saying that yes sex is good just sometimes you want fucked if you know what i mean.
I ended uo cheating last year with a guy I work with. He is married also but his cock was huge.
We were out drinking after work and he took me to a hotel and it was like i was a virgin it felt like he was ripping me appart.
Yea it hurt so good lol.
Yes i felt terrible gilt after but did it several mote times. Each time i swear it felt like he was entering my cervix. I would have tie curling climax and multiple ones idk from size or just the naughtiness if cheating. Alway felt bad afterwards till finally I stopped.
Now i swear he broke me in cause my husband feels smaller than ever. I have trouble climaxing with him and alot of times end up finishing myself.

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  • My husband and I were both virgins so we waited to have sex on our wedding night. I had seen my brothers naked and hard at times growing up and also had a guy I dated pull out his hard cock and told me to suck it or walk home (I got out the car and started walking) so I had seen cocks before. When my husband stripped to get into bed, I was shocked to see how small his penis was compared to my brothers and ex boyfriend. Needless to say, sex was nothing like I expected with him and I still felt like I was a virgin even after sex with him! I eventually measured it and it was just over 3" long and about an inch across. He is a good, caring, and loving husband but I needed more so I seduced his younger brother who spent a lot of time at our place. I was shocked to say the least to see he had about 9" of thick cock! I finally felt like I had lost my virginity and after a few sex sessions with him became addicted to big cock.

  • If your husband needs someone to suck his small cock while you're out trawling for big dick, I'm willing

  • Location?

  • I have the same issue with my hubby. I love him and all and don't get me wrong he is great in other areas,like his tongue and fingers. But when a woman just wants to feel a huge cock dominate and fill them she can't get the feeling out her head.
    Luckily I've always stayed friends with my ex.Biggest guy I've been with.I hit him up and unfortunately he wasn't single but amazingly when I asked if would ever fuck me again he said he would.He described me as the classiest hottest girl he had ever been with and actually had the nicest pussy ever and it was always well kept.I thought he was saying all the right things to get laid and that he was no more than a huge cock to fuck and his mind and personality was of no interest to me.Of course I told him he was the hottest stud I'd ever fucked and I missed his huge cock and wished to try it again.He sent me a dick pic.

  • Can you please describe his hard on ?

  • 7 to 8 inches

  • You should talk to your husband and get a nice young well hung stud, it will do you the world of good, happy humping sweetie

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