I visit the nude beach frequently

A long time ago, I was a 29 year old employed as an engineer and working tempoarily in India. I had heard stories about Goa having beaches where nudity was allowed and arranged to spend a week at Calangute beach.
I arrived in October after the monsoon rains were over and the weather was perfect. Immedately I went exploring, wearing a T shirt and white shorts.
The beach was beautiful, white sand, blue ,clear water and palm trees. It was also deserted, not a human anywhere in sight.
I walked down the beach a bit, got a little hot and sweaty and decided to go for a swim. I swam around for a while and noticed what looked like people walking towards me. As they got closer I could make out it was 6 girls that looked to be late high school age or early college. I should have explained that I am 6 foot plus tal and in great shape and very much an exhibitionist.
I strode out of the water as they got closer fully realizing that my white bathing suit was tranparent and slowly walked by them. I smiled and said good morning and felt every eye glued to my fully erect cock. They giggled and replied good morning and proceeded to make small talk asking where I was from and how long was I staying and where I was going. I was really enjoying the attention and answered all the questions. Finally, one asked if I knew my bathing suit had become see through. I faked surprise and embarrassment and covered my crotch with both hands.
They shouted dissapointment and told me nudity was common here and one of the reasons they walked home on the beach but not so in the town. I said I was heading that way and had better dry my suit. I pulled my suit off and wrung it out as they smiled and gawked. I slung my suit and t shirt over my shoulder and started walking up yje beach surrounded by 6 gawking and smiling young women who chattered away and informed me they were first year students at the nearby womens teachers college. They told me they frequently encountered nude tourists who were mostly fat, older, europeans. We were approaching the town and I was told I had better put my trunks on which were almost dry and now longer transparent. We said our good byes and I promised to return the next day for another show.

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  • I went to a nude beach one with my x wife. We’re still good friends and it wasn’t awkward. Nothing happened but I still admire her Latina butt.

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