Granny sex

I'm thinking about having sex with my mom she's in her seventies I'm early 50 s we live together just think she would like to have sex after so long and I'm happy to be her lover as I always wanted to fuck her.
Any thoughts??

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  • I was 37 and married with 2 teen children. well, wife and I had a big argument and wife told me to get out!!!! so I asked my Mum who was 73 living alone can I stay with her for a few days and then told her why. she said yes, of course, you can sweetheart well this was late in the day and so I was angry and just drove over to Mums place

  • Has she shown any indication of sexual interest towards you, if not it could be a big mistake, you say you want to fuck her, remember sex is two ways, why not test her let her see you naked with a hard on, and carefully watch her reaction.
    I am interested let me know, it took me a while to get my mum to go for it.
    Dega 454

  • It does take a while to start up a sexual relationship with family but it's worth waiting for!!

  • My first experience was with a woman forty years my senior

  • That is experience! Lol

  • Go for it, i am taking care of my 64 yr old step mom. my dad passed 3 yrs ago, she is in bad health and cant afford home services, so the responsibility falls to me, i have had to bathe and dress her for going on 2 years now. it started out with me just bathing and dressing her for bed, now she doesn't even want me to dress her, just sponge bathe her and leave her naked to sleep away the day. About a year ago i spent a little too much time "bathing" her vagina and now each day i have to get her off during "bath time". I finger her and she orgasms almost every day. About 6 months ago she said that it wasn't fair that she was naked and i wasn't so i now get naked when ever i bathe her. It doesnt matter if the female infront of you is 16 or 60 you see a naked body you will react. I have been having sex with her for the last 4 months at least twice a day. bath time in the mornings and then again in the afternoons when i check on her again. the dr says its only a matter of time until she joins my dad. I guess she will go out happy if its up to me to take care of her!

  • It could be quite awkward for you if her last words are "I'm coming."

  • It's a good way to go though! Lol

  • I'd love her to cum all over my cock

  • Nothing wrong with older pussy. Do it. I'm in my early 30's and once banged a 70+ woman for some work I did at her house. Her face and neck were wrinkly and her tits looked like shit, but her pussy and ass were great. She felt better on my dick than my wife.

  • Why not? Pussy is pussy.

  • If it's consensual, got for it!

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